November 29, 2022


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List of Top Indian Boarding Schools

List of Top Indian Boarding Schools

Educating in India has long been regarded as superior to that of other countries. All subjects are taught in order, starting with the most basic and then moving on to more complex subjects as the child grows older. Many non-resident Indians prefer to send their children to Indian Boarding Schools because of this learning culture. Even boarding schools have their benefits and ends, just like any other place. As for the positives, it helps children become independent and confident. It also helps them overcome obstacles on their own. It helps them make friends and take charge of their education and career.

Boarding schools create a strong experience in a child’s academic life. Quality of Education and standard of living have both improved dramatically over the last year. Even though they have different outcomes, they work together. To help your child adapt to a confusing world and its changes, education is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Many parents want the best for their children. Because of this, many people’s desire to attend a better school with higher standards is a pipe dream, while others struggle to obtain even the cheapest seats due to their dire financial circumstances.

For all the right reasons, boarding schools are important in today’s world. Every aspect of your child’s life is covered, including lifestyles, behavioral issues, and how they interact with the rest of the world. They get to experience life oddly by any other private day school in the country. The process itself determines a person’s ability to take advantage of such an opportunity. Boarding schools provide a child with the opportunity to grow holistically. It’s helpful to accept them for who they are. Question and judge their quotients, and create a network amongst peers to share ideas. According to statistics, most students who have graduated from boarding school possess the first skill that corporations look for.

India, a developing nation, is presumably holding the rope to have the best boarding schools in the country. With a youth population of over 55 percent, it becomes a serious issue when this young country doesn’t have a boarding school with the best facilities. India, unlike any other country, is said to house the best boarding schools in the world. With a rank this serious, it takes to climb out of their shadows and reach for the honor of the best boarding school in India. Even though Boarding school might make a costly affair, it is indeed worth what you might never realize.


Best Boarding Schools in India

Boarding facilities at the best boarding schools in India include sports, dance, music, and a well-designed campus and advanced infrastructure. North, West, South, and East of India are home to the best boarding schools in the country. Doon School, Welham’s School, Sherwood College, and Lawrence School are just a few examples. Some of the bests are affiliated with national boards such as CBSE and ICSE, state boards, and internationally recognized organizations like IB and IGCSE.

  1. The Doon School, Dehradun: According to locals, The Doon School is India’s “Eton.” It is built according to British standards and provides a vast learning environment for its students. A boys-only residential school, The Doon School, has produced some of the most successful graduates. IB accreditation means that students are exposed to an international perspective that is second to none.

  2. Ecole global international girls school, Dehradun: Ecole Globale, has set itself up as one of the best girls boarding schools in the country with a vision and mission to allow girls to explore the limits of their creative, intellectual, and physical abilities. Located in Dehradun, the school’s campus spans 45 acres of land and is equipped with the necessary amenities. Fields and lush greenery surround the school. There are mild and favorable climatic conditions in the area that provide a perfect environment for learning.
  1. Bishop Cotton School, Shimla: As a result, it was the first school in the league to implement a “house system” for its students’ accommodations. Shimla’s day-scholars, Shimla’s mentally challenged children, are also accommodated in the school. It is one of the oldest schools for boys in Asia. As far as curriculum is concerned, ICSE and ISC are used.

  2. Welham Girls School, Dehradun: Girls from all over the world attend Welham Girls School in Dehradun, one of the many schools in the city. There is a connection between this educational institution and the CISCE.

  3. Mayo College, Ajmer: Mayo College is one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious schools. Rajasthan’s royal and colorful city of Ajmer is home to the Ajmer International School. Because of the rich culture and heritage of the state, it provides students with a unique educational opportunity that they will never forget.