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Top 10 Best Instagram Video Makers In 2023

Top 10 Best Instagram Video Makers In 2022

You might not know, but there are 81%of businesses using videos as their marketing tool. And then there are 97% of marketers claiming that videos have helped them increase the user understanding of their products and services. These statistics stand proof of the significance of having a video marketing strategy right in place. Instagram videos are excellent to interact with new and already existing followers and promote brands.

Using the best of Instagram reel ideas together requires proper editing. Well-edited Instagram videos are powerful and reliable ways of catching the attention of prospective clients. So, how do you go about doing so?


Simple and easy-use an Instagram video-making tool! 10 best ones have been detailed below:

1- Animoto

Create the most gorgeous and pleasing videos and that too without going through any difficulty with Animoto. You can even make clips for personal and professional use.

This tool’s highly intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface will make it very easy for you to have your hands on it. You can also make your choice from a plethora of varied templates. The videos created using Animoto can easily be customized with design, pacing, colors, voice-overs, and more.


2- Promo

This Instagram video-making tool offers its users easy access to a large media stock library consisting of licensed songs and video clips. Not only this, but you also get a huge selection of beautiful templates with Promo.

The only thing you need to do is add text, and your Instagram video-making process will be complete. If you require assistance in creating videos using Promo, the capable support staff is always ready to help with all your problems.


3- InVideo

Advertising and marketing on Instagram will be a child’s play for you if you use InVideo. This tool offers you the scope of choosing from hundreds and thousands of customizable and flexible templates.

Become a pro at making Instagram videos with this video editor that guarantees attention-grabbing videos that will surely leave the audiences astonished. This is one of the best places for creating long-lasting and brand new consumers using videos.

With this Instagram video maker coming in handy, you can completely forget about all the heavy lifting you had to do earlier. Convert your Instagram reel ideas into a beautiful reality with this amazing tool.


4- Biteable

It is the simple and easy-to-use interface of this Instagram video-making tool that will get you working right away. The best thing about Biteable is that it helps the most inexperienced individuals to make Instagram videos like a pro.

With Biteable, you do not need to install or download anything on your computer. This online tool for making Instagram videos is absolutely free as well. Nevertheless, you will have to pay a meager amount for removing the tiny watermarks from the videos. Also, you get several templates along with stock footage.


5- Horizon

This is yet another amazing online tool for making Instagram videos. As is suggested by its name, Horizon is perfect for turning vertical video content into horizontal content within seconds.

This easy-to-use Instagram video maker features a plethora of filters, 2K horizontal recording, and slow-motion support. It cannot just be used to make Instagram videos, but the videos thus created can also easily be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels.


6- Kapwing

Use this video maker for Instagram for creating some of the most exciting and entertaining videos within just a few seconds. And yes, with this tool coming in handy, you have no tension of the long-winded passwords and tutorials or of installing anything extra on your device. That’s because Kapwing itself comes loaded with a plethora of features. There are more and more individuals using Kapwing for editing videos, GIFs, and images online.


7- Hippo Video

Yet another effective and easy-to-use option that comes with a selection of advantages for Instagram users of the present times is Hippo Video. One of the best Instagram story video editors is helping users trim clips, use emojis, import videos, and add text from almost anywhere.

Hippo videos speak of highly advanced editing features enabling the users to add the desired number of audio tracks and videos while including end cards and intros in their work. The tool also informs users about the performance of their videos and the number of views it has received.


8- LightMV

This online tool can help you in creating the most stunning Instagram videos using different photos and filters. There are filters available in various categories like wedding, fashion, graduation, baby, birthday, travel, and limpid to create amazing videos.

Furthermore, the tool can be used on the go considering that it is compatible with the majority of the devices. Users can even view exported videos on the net without any watermark. The videos created using this tool can easily be shared with friends, families, and colleagues through accounts on social media.


9- A Color Story

This video maker comes with 300+ filters and more than 20 tools. It allows users to save edited work in the form of filters that can be used over and over again. This enhances the quality of the videos and helps the users create a kind of cohesive look in them. Even grid planning can help users see how their videos will appear on their Instagram profiles.


10- Magisto

Last but not least, Magisto will help you create Instagarm videos like never before. It is one of the best options for beginners in video making. It uses artificial intelligence to put users’ videos in place with soundtracks and themes pre-generated by the users themselves.


Final Words

Since Instagram shows no signs of fading away in popularity at present, you must breathe life into the marketing of your business on this platform. For the best type of marketing, you require the best kind of videos, which is possible only with the use of the right video maker.