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Major Tools Used in Python Mobile App Development

Major tools used in Python Mobile App Development

Today when companies are aiming for a larger audience, the digital world has become a pioneer in this area. App development and Web development are the need of the hour for a large-scale business. To develop a mobile application one can use different programming languages.

However, the most well-known programming language is Python. Its data analytics accessibility and instruments make it a favored language for creating applications for a wide range of fields. The survey of the TIOBE Programming Community has ranked Python at third place among the 20 best programming languages.

According to AIM, around 53.3% of skilled engineers and data scientists use Python because it allows them to build specific data science and data analytics skills. Adequate Infosoft is a renowned Python development company and provided its services in 25+ countries. We use advanced Python tools to build secure and user-friendly mobile applications. In this article, we have listed six major tools for Python mobile app development.



Django is the first choice of many developers because of its open-source platform. Its high-level end-to-end Python framework increases the speed and enables fast mobile application development. More importantly, Django is built by skilled and experienced developers which is why it is able to take care of security issues and provide a hassle-free user interface experience. This framework is used by well-known companies including Pinterest, Instagram, Next-door, Bitbucket, The Washington Post, and many more.

The Following are the Key Features of Django

  • It imparts default protection against cryptography, CSRF attack, SQL injections, XSS attacks, etc.
  • Using MVT architecture and logical module structure, this tool allows you to work on versatile functions.
  • Django includes various in-build libraries to build an application. It does not ask to import XML or third-party libraries.
  • Cookiecutter, Django allauth, Django shop and Cartridge, CMS, Wagtail, are some of the popular frameworks that the Django packages incorporate.



Panda is a Python library that offers accuracy, high-performance, data analysis tools, and easy-to-understand data structures for mobile application development. This tool is used for building applications for different industries including economics, academics, commerce, finance, etc. It simplifies data-related repetitive and time-consuming tasks including data normalization, data cleansing, data visualization, merges and joins, statistical analysis, etc.

The Following are the Key Features of Panda

  • The in-built tools help in loading data from various file formats into the in-memory data objects.
  • Helps in pivoting and reshaping the data set.
  • It offers fast and effective DataFrame with the help of default and personalized indexing.
  • High-performance speed in merging and joining of data.



BeeWare is a leading software tool for mobile app development service. This tool allows you to write a cross-platform GUI Python programming language. Its libraries and other features provide a suitable platform for creating and distributing a native programming application in Python.

The Following are the Key Features that BeeWare Includes.

  • Toga, is an OS native, Python native, cross-platform graphic user interface too.
  • Briefcase is a tool that helps in carrying out packaging Python tasks as distributable artefacts.
  • The pre-compiled build is a platform that enables the developers to use this language where an official Python language could not be used.
  • Rubican ObjC, is a library that works with Objective C libraries on macOS and iOS using Python.
  • Rubican Java, is a library that works with Java libraries written in Python codes.



Bottle is another fast and easy Python tool for application development. The best part about this software is that it uses a single file module which is a Python Standard Library for distribution. Other than this, it has no framework or module for development and distribution across graphic user interface applications.

Below are some of the Features that Bottle Offers to a Developer.

  • A developer can request dispatching with the help of URL parameter support.
  • It offers an in-built HTTP Server.
  • An adapter for various third-party HTTP or WSGI servers and many more.



Kivy is a popular mobile application development platform among developers. It is an open-source library that allows you to create an amazing user interface application for mobile. Many developers prefer this platform because of its easy-to-use and business-friendly tools and libraries.

Plus, it uses various Python libraries including Cairo, GStreamer, PIL, and many others. Kivy allows the developers to develop innovative, multi-touch applications that can easily run on different platforms including iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux.

The Following are the Key Features of Kivy

  • Kivy has special functionality for playing video streams files. Plus, Kivy Video Player supports some basic requirements such as stop, play, and pause buttons. One of the prime examples is pygame video provider that assists MPEG1 on Linux.
  • Its applications can easily run on different devices including Linux, tablets, iOS, Windows, Android, and Rasberry pie.
  • Its PyGame feature simplifies the module of creating new games.
  • Kivy includes many controls and widgets that allow developers to make mobile UI more friendly and attractive.



TurboGears is another best platform to develop mobile applications. It includes WebOb, Repoze, SQLAlchemy, and many other WSGI components. This framework is formed on MVC architecture that allows developers to create fast and secure applications. This enables microframework as well as full-stack solutions with first citizen storage and MongoDB.

The Following are the Key Features of TurboGears

  • It is the best platform for solving complex application problems.
  • SQLAlchemy makes the rational database more secure, reliable, and easier. Based on an object-oriented programming structure, the database does not include business logic. This function is similar to Hibernate framework.
  • Its components like Kid(View), MochiKit, Ajax, SQL Object, Genshi, and CherryPy helps in creating modern, fast, reliable, user-friendly interfaces, and robust applications.



In this article, we have covered 6 major tools for mobile application development using Python. This will help you to understand their modules and functionalities. These platforms play a major role in solving complex problems, simplifying compatibility and maintenance across platforms. Adequate Infosoft Python development company uses the above-mentioned tools for building modern, reliable, and robust applications.