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Exclusive CEO interview by Seasia Group Leader, Mr. R.P. Singh to make maximum businesses touch digital space by 2022


1. Tell us about Seasia Group and how different it is from others in the space?

Seasia Group of Companies is one of the well-known diversified Group of Tech companies. Its subsidiaries are Seasia Infotech (a CMMi level 5 company), Cerebrum Infotech, Bugraptors, Woosper Infotech, Moogle, and UI/UX Den. Our vision talks about the digitization of businesses. We’re fully focused on designing, developing, and bringing improvements in the intellectual properties of the businesses. The core spirit of Seasia talks about collaboration, integration with the zeal to solve real-world problems. We adhere to the practices and the measures and focus on beating the odds where we always think about the bold moves for the business’s excellence. Winning customer hearts is our forefront planned strategy outcome, and we rise to the new mission after every successful project. We try to make our efforts in raising the bars of the defined corporate analysis.


2. How are you capable of providing unique insights into the ever-changing global environment?

Our long-term partnerships with the clients and the ability to carry risk in volatile environments make our insights vast. This enables us to bring unique points to the bucket. This way, we look out at the digital acceleration precisely and work accordingly. Our extensive knowledge of the different ecosystems makes every complicated move easy. Our approach is mind-boggling and adjustable towards risks and can easily define the long runways for the growth of businesses.


3. How has the pandemic transformed the operations of your business?

We all know how the pandemic took a colossal toll on the volume of the population. It has pushed many trends that gave a benefit pool to the market. The digital channels got bizarre acceleration in the certain period with the range of opportunities for the customers and employees. Our employees were on WFH for the entire period, and we opened the offices following our 3-phase structure. Our entire team dedicatedly served the businesses even in the inflection point of the world’s survival. Not just people, even the technologies played quite a choosy role in response to the pandemic. The crisis has made everyone stay under the digital impression. Success stories got possible only with the optimistic teams and the prospects we created for the digital technologies. We’re reevaluating the progress timely while taking note of the different use cases.


4. Which segments and sectors are you more focused upon?

We care and work upon the segments depending upon the different sector types. Our conscious approach can create eye-opening decisions for your business.

We stay focused on every sector that needs a push in digital acceleration. We bring solid competitive advantages on account of the investment in technology and holding onto a wide array of opportunities.

We love to eliminate all the distractions and would make every effort to invest all our energy and resources into the things that make our services apart and reliable to the customers. So, this way, we stay agnostic!

Out of the number of services we provide, we are highly focused on exceeding our services in AI/ML, big data, cloud computing services. The sector that are currently dwelling upon our mind is supply chain, fintech and education.


5. According to you, what sets the best CEO apart?

The leader who truly stands apart with his set of distinctive mindsets and practices, is what intrigues me the most in 2021. An ideal daily routine should involve setting up the vision, driving the execution, and managing the stakeholders.

Being a CEO, I always have an exciting story to tell that I faced in past, shape the culture accordingly, and put the right talent in place. It takes a lot to be the best CEO, not just for yourself but for your business, employees, clients, and the leaders following you.

For every decision, an ideal CEO must rethink what business they are in, what they are following, how they are allocating the resources, and how they can create a high-performing team. Understanding the roles and responsibilities towards building a great working and delivery environment is the essence of being a great CEO. How they should spend their time is the all-inclusive thing that matters to their position! If it doesn’t speak up to the quality or effectiveness of the time spent; I find it a day wasted!


6. How do you stay focused on the vision?

Bumps cannot make our vision divided; we have a clear trajectory when we opt to solve the problems uniquely. Our team spirit of seeking the goal constantly, turning the adaptability mode on, and bringing flexibility in the thought process and action empowers our confidence to achieve even the unachievable. Until today, our journey wasn’t a cakewalk; but the continuous team efforts, dedication, confidence in handling everything, and transition to the new technologies made the brutal ways easier. Our entire ambitious team also worked hard even in the pandemic and left no stone unturned to miss the chance of being a great asset to the company and the clients.

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7. What you’ve earned extraordinarily in your entire career?

Our eye-opening news every other hour makes us take the decisions instantly. To get fit in the modern era to satisfy your clients, employees, and the entire business community, you need to be very clear about differentiating your organization, and that’s what my role says. I want execution as per the built-up plans according to my profile that says, Chief Executing Officer.

Out of the million chaos, I do not depend on the plans. I consider making a move in advance if the specific thing doesn’t align with the matter itself. I’ve learned to delve into the themes behind every task and the challenges it brings, along with the mindset of the people who wants to hire us and what their thought process goes with my analysis. The future is unpredictable, and I love to dive into new opportunities and new risks.

In my entire career, I’ve learned how to be flexible, adaptive and willingness to bring change quickly at the same time. I’ve learned that success needs a proper proportion of strategy and execution. And there’s no wrong in this to go extra mile to make your customers happy. So, along with the customer loyalty, being a company or product owner, the customer also expects loyalty in return; so, we do that efficiently.


8. What advice do you want to give to the young entrepreneurs of the era and the existing businesses for profitable growth?

There is advice to every other business struggling out there; even if you are the most vulnerable business, you’ve to try the hardest and get into the corporate game professionally and strategically.

For the young ones, it would be great if you would learn to work independently and bring trending ideas for the market to make their own money. As far as the CEO option is concerned, the urge to jump into vast level of opportunities is what either excite or tremble your whole day.

Get ready with taking the risks as, now is the time to match your vibes with the market needs.