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Ola Electric Vehicles: The Future of Automobiles

Ola Electric Vehicles: The Future of Automobiles

India’s most highly awaited electric scooter has finally arrived and you will be glad to know that it has been appreciated globally. In the electric vehicle segment, OLA is one of the first to launch two of its electric scooter segments. Although both the models S1 and S1 Pro are quite identical, there are a lot of differences in terms of range, top speed and battery capacity.

Ola S1 claims to have a range around 125 Km in one charge. It can go upto the top speed of 90 km/hr although it is not recommended to go upto that mark. Ola S1 is fitted with a 2.98 kWh battery pack that can be fully charged with wall charger. It takes around 5 hours to fully charge Ola S1.

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It has a great pick up mileage that will save your money. It is a complete package of savings. Ola S1 can reach 50 kmph in 3.5 seconds whereas 0-60 kmph sprint can be achieved in 8 seconds. Two of its riding modes are something which we usually don’t see in scooters. But here Ola S1 consists of two riding modes – Normal and Sports.

While we talked about Ola S1, Let’s not forget about its superior segment that is Ola S1 pro. The name itself says it is for the pro’s of biking. It offers a range of 75 km in just 18 minutes of charging. However, the S1 pro takes a little bit more time to charge because it also has a larger battery pack of 3.97 kWh. Charging time for S1 pro is 6 Hours 30 mins. It is also charged using the wall charger. The range of S1 pro is it can cover 180 km in a single charge. It has an 8.5 kW electric motor that gives the S1 pro the top speed of 115 mph.  Electric vehicles companies

Ola surprised everyone when it revealed its electric scooters. It broke many records when it was launched. Its sales cross Rs 600 crore mark in a single day. It was one of the biggest sales ever and Ola electric set a new record for the highest sales ever made by any electric vehicle. It was not only appreciated in India but people from the globe also appreciated this move. People from different countries are asking for the launch of Ola electric in their countries. Recently many of the top notch business ventures have invested in ola electric to help them set up the environment for the electric vehicles. Ola will set up charging stations with the help of other companies within 1-2 years. The price range of ola electric S1 starts from Rs 85000 and S1 pro starts from Rs 1,10,000. The future of the automobile industry is going to be electric. So it is a good investment for now.

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