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Rise in Demand Of Cosmetic Surgery Among Men

Rise in Demand Of Cosmetic Surgery Among Men

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 2295722 cosmetic surgery procedures were undertaken in 2020. Out of this, 289360 were men, representing a paltry13% of total procedures done that year. The evidence suggests that more men are starting to embrace surgical procedures, as you will find that men account for nearly 1 in 10 surgical procedures undertaken in the United States.

The most common cosmetic surgical procedure among men in 2020 was nose reshaping, which accounted for 65121 procedures out of the total procedures undertaken that year. This figure was a 5% drop from the previous year. Other common procedures undertaken were eyelid surgery with 45806 procedures, cheek implant with 28638 procedures, liposuction with 22815 procedures, and ear surgery with 22464 procedures.


What Some of These Procedures Involve

  • Nose Surgery: This procedure has become very common for men and women. A nose surgery procedure can fix a wide, crooked, or asymmetric nose. It can also fix several medical complications, including deviated septum. The procedure has attracted men who are unhappy with their noses and are looking to improve them.
  • Chin augmentation: Most men, especially those looking to get into acting or modeling, are attracted to this procedure. This procedure attracts these men as chiseled jawlines and strong chins are factors to consider in their industry. Chin augmentation provides a procedure that can alter the shape of men’s chins and jaws to improve their appearance.
  • Male breast reduction: The men’s boobs can sometimes be embarrassing and painful altogether for several men. Luckily, a simple breast reduction can reduce men’s boobs and restore their masculine chest. As a result, the discomfort and pain associated with men’s boobs can be eliminated through the procedure.
  • Facelift: The procedure involves removing any signs of aging on your face or neck. This procedure involves removing or repositioning fat, muscle, or skin on the face or neck. The procedure is very common for men who want to look young again.


Factors Leading to the Rise in Surgical Procedures for Men

Recent data from the plastic surgery organization has revealed that men embrace cosmetic surgical procedures to enhance their appearance with time. Most of the men undergoing the procedures are said to be uncomfortable in their skin. You will also find several men embracing waxing, manicures, and pedicures. But several factors have aggregated the rise of cosmetic surgeries among men.

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1. The Removal of Stigma Associated with Plastic Surgery

In recent years, the mention of plastic surgery does not elucidate weird reactions from people. This is quite different from twenty years ago when there was some stigma and taboo associated with plastic surgery. When the topic was discussed, it was only done among close family members and friends. However, in recent years, the discussion about plastic surgery has been accepted, and you will even find it being discussed on national broadcasters and even in dialogue among strangers.

The recent acceptance and free discussion about plastic surgery have allowed more people, especially men, to decide to undergo the procedure. Currently, there is no shame associated with altering one’s appearance, which has motivated many to decide to go for the procedure. Moreover, the openness about cosmetic surgery has driven an interest for men to undertake the procedure. Besides, most plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery hospitals publish their clients’ before and after photos, which lure men to the procedure.


2. The Influence of Social Media

The recent social media activities have caused a stir in every sector of life, including beauty and cosmetics. Nowadays, people have developed the habit of taking photos of themselves now and then. This practice has enabled people to have a more critical examination of their bodies through lenses. In fact, many people have developed the habit of applying filters to their photos to try and improve their appearance, for instance, to remove their facial wrinkles.

According to a report by Healthline, the need to get more likes and attention has been a motivating factor for many people to embrace cosmetic surgery, including men. That is because even men are being judged and valued solely by their physical appearance in this time and age. For that reason, you will find men competing for likes and followers on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Most men now want their online validation to be real even without the filters, so there has been a sudden increase in cosmetic surgical procedures. In fact, according to the 2020 report by the plastic surgery organization, some minimal procedures, including tissue fillers and Botox, have doubled and quadrupled respectively since the year 2000. These procedures have become quite common among men, aiming to rediscover their masculine physique by erasing any signs of aging.


3. The Need to Improve Self-confidence

Many men who have undergone cosmetic surgeries have attested that their self-confidence has been greatly improved, which would not have happened without the procedure. For instance, most men who are obese may sometimes feel uncomfortable in their clothing.

But following some cosmetic procedures, including fat removal, nose surgery, and several injections, these men have been able to wear perhaps more desirable pieces of clothing. They have been able to wear more fitting clothes that display their physical frame, which had improved their self-esteem to the extent that they can easily socialize compared to before they underwent cosmetic surgery.

Besides, other men have been comfortable around people after undergoing male cosmetic surgery. For instance, some men who are obese sweat excessively, which makes them uncomfortable around people and even when they are walking. However, through Botox injections, such men have stopped the excess sweating and are now comfortable around people.

All in all, cosmetic surgeries have had a significant impact on individuals’ health and physical well-being. Recent years have seen an upsurge in the number of men looking to undertake cosmetic surgeries due to changing norms, social media, and the need to improve their self-confidence, among other factors. The surgical procedures have significantly impacted their social life, general well-being, and esteem.