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Is the PRP Surgery Best for a Permanent Hair Transplant?

Is the PRP Surgery Best for a Permanent Hair Transplant

Hair loss is the major problem that people are facing these days. In earlier times, there was no such problem as hair loss as people enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. But now, times have changed. Owing to the excess pressure which people face these days, hair loss is the most prominent one. And without any doubt, people want to get rid of it. Understanding the needs of people, various hair transplant techniques have evolved. One such technique is PRP hair transplant. It is also known as the platelet-rich plasma technique. But many people wonder whether it offers a permanent solution for hair transplant or not. Let us know in detail about PRP for hair loss and its benefits.

Know PRP Hair Transplant

PRP is a type of surgery, medical surgery in which a person’s blood is taken and injected into the scalp. Owing to the injections given in the surgery, natural hair growth is facilitated. The thickness of the hairs get increased due to the improved blood circulation.


Procedure of PRP surgery

A lengthy three-step procedure gets followed during the treatment. But all the treatments are not done in one go. Instead, they are done with a gap of 4-6 weeks. After availing the treatment, follow up is also required.

Firstly your blood is taken, most probably from your arm. Then the contents of the blood are purified in a machine, and contents are separated. Your blood will be distinguished into three layers: rich, poor, and red blood cells. Lastly, injection is given where there is thin hair growth.

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Benefits of PRP surgery

Facilitates hair growth- The primary benefit of PRP for hair loss is that it stimulates hair growth. The problem of hair loss gets effectively treated with the help of PRP surgery. It also promotes natural hair growth even after the surgery.

Enhances tissue growth- Secondly, it also promotes and enhances tissue growth. Due to the treatment, damaged tissues get repaired quickly. The healing process gets stimulated owing to the treatment.

Improves blood circulation- Blood circulation also gets enhanced by way of PRP surgery.
Minimizes scars- Surgery does not result in scars. In other types of treatments, scars are usually visible. But in PRP surgery, there are no scars.

Adjustability-  PRP treatment does not only treat hair loss; it can improve other health conditions also like knee sprains, ankle sprains, damaged elbows, and other diseases too. It boosts the overall well being of the individual and results in a better lifestyle.

Secure-  The treatment is safe. There is no danger involved, as your blood gets utilized in the treatment. There are no chances of contamination. The security is much higher in this treatment as compared to other treatments.

Highly effective- Studies have shown that PRP is highly effective in treating hair loss. The treatment does not result in any severe side effects. Many patients have got rid of their baldness owing to the surgery. Besides this, its success rate is also high as compared to other treatments.


Disadvantages of PRP surgery

In the majority of cases, it has turned out to be successful and useful, but everything has a bad side, and so does this. PRP treatment also has certain disadvantages. And before availing of the treatment, one should be aware of its disadvantages too. The following are the drawbacks of PRP surgery:

High cost- the cost of PRP surgery is high. Everyone can’t afford the expenses of PRP surgery. Moreover, insurance policies do not cover its costs because it’s cosmetic surgery and not an illness.

Limited to some health issues- although PRP treats most health conditions, it cannot cure every health condition. It is limited to some health conditions.

Can harm the tissue- usually no tissue damage is caused. But in rare and exceptional circumstances, the PRP surgery can harm the tissue.

Pain- when the infusion gets wrong, the treatment can result in pain.

Harm nerves- Nerve wounds can occur when plasma gets removed.


Side Effects of PRP surgery

As such, there are no serious side effects. But some reactions to the treatments can be seen after availing PRP surgery.

  • It might be possible that a patient can develop some infection after the treatment.
  • Swelling can take place. The area might swell a bit due to the blood taken, but it will vanish after some time.
  • Some scars can be seen after the surgery


PRP treatment is the best remedy for hair loss. It offers permanent hair transplant solutions and is useful in curing people to a significant extent. For the best hair transplant treatment, one should visit Beverly Hills hair restoration for the same.