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Top 10 Branded Masks for 2021

2020 brings us a lot of disappointment and unpleasant things. The Coronavirus outbreak had taken millions of lives across the globe and the sad part is that it is still spreading. The only thing good about this virus is that it isn’t much deadly and fatal compared to other diseases caused by harmful microorganisms. The pandemic has completely changed our lifestyles and it has become mandatory to wear face masks while coming outside our houses. A mask made of two or three-layered cotton cloth can save your life by reducing the chances of getting infected by viruses that can easily travel in the air.

Though it is necessary to wear face masks, many brands have launched masks having specific colors, designs, and patterns. If you are also looking for a couple of branded masks but unaware of the brands, then this post will help your own quality and branded masks this time.


1)- WildCraft

When it comes to Indian face mask brands, the name we are most familiar with is WildCraft. Being founded in 1998 and having headquarters in Bengaluru, WildCraft offers a lot of commodities other than face masks including tees, footwear, hoodies, bags, jackets, comfort wears, travel gears, etc. This Indian brand offers both quality face masks and PPE kits helpful in fighting back with the deadly Coronavirus.

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2)- Under Armour

UA aka Under Armour basically deals in sportswear. It is famous for providing the best quality sports wearable and gears. Keeping that athlete in mind, UA has made a face mask, especially for fitness freaks. It is very difficult to maintain the breathing balance while working out and wearing a face mask.

If your face mask isn’t compatibly made for intense physical activities, it will be almost impossible to breathe properly. The Under Armour mask is crafted with 3 different layers of breathable clothes which make it easy to maintain proper inhalation and exhalation even during intense physical activities.


3)- Llulo

Many small businesses and influencers had come with their uniquely designer masks and brands during this pandemic and Llulo are one of the brands we must talk about. This brand has an ethnicity of Nigeria and is designed by a famous Nigerian designer Michelle Olomojobi. The Llulu masks reflect the traditional African heritage and help to empower the local artisans.


4)- Zimbowties

As the brand name resembles the African country Zimbabwe, these masks are made with ethnic designs and patterns at the same time it doesn’t comprise with the safety anyhow. This brand believes in uplifting their community by utilizing the local fashion and making their mark.

All of the masks are handmade and are made with upcycled fabrics. The brand isn’t only there for making profits; it also performs many social awareness programs about Covid-19. Zimbowties is a great example of self-sufficiency, hard work, and goodwill.


5)- Carbon38

This mask brand comes with two sets of masks and also offers a laundry bag. The material used in crafting the Carbon38 mask is cotton and a little bit polyester. The best thing about these masks is they are equipped with adjustable earloops which ensure snug fir no matter the face size. The Carbon38 masks have great antibacterial properties and multiple layered filters to eliminate dust particles, smoke, and harmful microorganisms.


6)- Onzie

These masks are developed by the famous Yoga and sportswear brand, Onzie. Just like Zimbowties, Onzie also uses upcycled fabrics to make quality printed masks and provide them at reasonable prices. The best part about the Onzie masks is that these are enough stretchy and get dried quickly which means you can wash these two Onzie masks and wear them on alternative days.


7)- Athleta

Another face mask is specially designed for workout and physical activities. The Athleta masks are made using multi-layered breathable fabric and also have wires which provide the perfect fit to any face. If you are a fitness freak and looking for a relevant and quality face mask for great comfort, you should not look other than Athleta masks.


8)- RTH

RTH masks are like a canvas for the artist and founder of RTH masks, Rachael T. Harris. This LA headquartered mask brand is helping other artists and workers who had lost their job during the pandemic. Due to the high-quality material used and unique design, the RTH masks have become a lot popular in the rest of the parts of the USA.


9)- Colty

Do you love denim a lot and want to buy a face mask made of denim fabric?
If yes, then you have come to the right place. The facemask brand Colty offers tons of masks made with different fabrics and having multiple patterns and colors including black mesh, sparkled rib, black rib, cow print, blue denim, metal spiked, bandana, velvet, silver suede, floral, woolen, holographic and more.


10)- Koral Infinity

A well-renowned apparel brand, Koral Infinity uses antimicrobial fabric for making face masks which provides great comfort as well as unmatchable safety to the customer. The fabric feels soft, comfortable on the skin, and is enough stretchy. These masks are washable and can be used many times after being washed and disinfected.


Bottom Line:

Masks have become an important part of our daily lifestyle and you must carry your mask to keep yourself safe from the Covid-19 virus. Many brands and designers have come with uniquely designed masks and some of them are featured above. If you are looking for a branded and good quality facemask you can choose from the options available here. Stay safe and happy by following the Corona guidelines and always wear a mask.