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Top 10 NFL Free Agents Still Available

Top 10 NFL Free Agents Still Available

The NFL offers a chance for franchises to improve their team through free agency. This is often seen with major-name signings. But what about the less-known moves? There have been many instances when impact players didn’t join a team until June or May. This leads me to the best NFL free agent available. These players weren’t as well-known as Terron Arstead, J.C. Jackson and Von Miller.  Best Sports Betting Sites in USA


Let’s Discuss the Top Players Available in NFL Free Agency.

1)- Odell B. Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. remains the best free agent player in NFL. The Beckham story is well-known to most. Beckham was a three time All-Pro with New York Giants, but struggled with Cleveland Browns. The Los Angeles Rams signed him after Cleveland pulled the plug halfway through the 2021 season. He scored seven touchdowns in 12 games, including Super Bowl 56’s opening score. He tore his ACL in the game. This injury has caused a slow market. Los Angeles signed Allen Robinson, and extended Cooper Kupp’s contract. It sounds like they have enough money for a deal.


2)- Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is perhaps the most well-known free agent available. Gronkowski’s record speaks for itself. Gronkowski is a four-time Super Bowl Champion, and he’s four-time All-Pro. Although the 33-year old isn’t at that level, he remains a top-rated free agent. Gronkowski, who retired following the 2018 season, returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Tom Brady. Gronkowski was a key player in Super Bowl 55. He had six receptions for 67 yards and two touchdowns. He is one the top NFL free agents in 2022 and one of my most valuable players. It’s difficult to imagine him playing elsewhere than Tampa Bay. Brady would love to see him back.


3)- Larry Ogunjobi, (DT)

After his best season, Larry Ogunjobi was high. He had a career high seven sacks, with 49 tackles and 12 for loss. He was also a part of a Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl team. The 28-year old signed a $30.5 million, three-year contract with the Chicago Bears. How does Ogunjobi rank among the top players available in NFL free agency? The deal was canceled due to a failed physical.

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4)- Trey Flowers, DE

Trey Flowers was a crucial part of the New England Patriots Super Bowl victories in 2017 and 2019. Although he played sparingly his first season with New England, he recorded 21 sacks the next three seasons. Flowers signed a $90 million, five-year deal with the Detroit Lions in 2019 to end his career year. Flowers was reunited with Matt Patricia, former Patriots defensive coordinator. Flowers was strong his first season with 51 tackles and seven passes defended. It was a downhill slide the next two seasons.


5)- Julio Jones (WR)

Julio Jones was the prize on the trade market last season. To acquire Jones from Atlanta Falcons, the Tennessee Titans traded for a second-round draft pick. We didn’t see Jones replicate his Falcons success. After playing in ten games, Jones experienced career lows. Although we might not consider Jones to be among the best NFL free agents, he can still make an impact on a contending team. Although he was limited by injuries, he still had a strong Week 2 performance.


6)- Eric Fisher (OT)

Eric Fisher, a former No. Eric Fisher, a former No. Fisher did not live up to the expectations of a No. Fisher was the No. 1 overall pick in 2018, but he made it to the Pro Bowl in 2020 and 2018. Fisher was injured in the 2021 AFC Championship Game, which was against the Buffalo Bills. The Kansas City Chiefs released Fisher, but the Indianapolis Colts signed Fisher to a one year deal. Take a look at his stats with the Colts.


7)- J.C. Tretter (C)

J.C. Tretter has been a high-quality center but it wasn’t always that way. Tretter was plagued by injuries and missed 17 games his first three seasons. The Cleveland Browns signed Tretter for a low salary in 2017, thanks to that. Tretter was a key part of an offensive line that improved continuously during his tenure with the Browns. He made Nick Chubb’s life easier and Kareem Hunter’s more difficult. His pass-blocking is what has made him one of the most valuable NFL free agents in 2022.


8)- A.J. Johnson

Johnson is a solid starting linebacker and has seen his fair share from NFL representatives. Johnson spent four seasons with Denver Broncos. His 2021 season was cut short by a torn Pectoral muscle. However, he was poised for a career-best campaign, before being injured reserve. Johnson logged a record-breaking 124 combined tackles in 2020 and two forced fumbles in 2021. This boosted his sack total in 2021 by roughly one-third of the games (he had started 16 games in the previous year). LB-needy players should take a look at what he has to share with them as OTAs start.


9)- Dont’a Hightower

After opting out for 2020, Hightower was back in the Patriots’ defense last season. He didn’t look the same player who led New England to several Super Bowls. Hightower looked slower than he had been in the past. Hightower finished the season with 64 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and a total of 63 tackles. According to reports, the 32-year old is still contemplating his next steps in his career. This would suggest that retirement could be an option if the right circumstances don’t exist.


10)- Duane brown (OT)

It’s hard to find left tackles in this league and Brown’s 36-year-old age is worrying. After making the Pro Bowl, Brown is still at the top. He started 17 of the 17 games. Brown’s eight sacks are more than he had in the last four years. His five penalties are the most he has committed in four years. Brown should be able to market himself on the basis of his offensive tackles. Brown still has some good years left of football.