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Top 10 NFL Free Agents Still Available

Top 10 NFL Free Agents Still Available

If you are a fan of NFL, then grab all the information about Top 10 NFL Free Agents Still Available in 2024. In this guide we will understand the 10 list of NFL Free agents that are still available. There are many big names available in the lisr which includes Krik Cousins signing with the Atlanta Flacons franchise and more. Lets start the article:

1- Stephon Gilmore

The first free agent still available is Stephon Gilmore. Stephon has 68 tackles of which 13 passes are defended by him and 2 interceptions for the Cowboys. Although he only allowed 4 passing touchdowns and has allowed a 60.3 passer rating. He has also assisted his mentor with the interception DaRon Bland as 2022 5th round pick and has become the 1st team all-pro in the season. We are hoping for his extraordinary skills in the upcoming season.


2- DI Chris Jones

The DI Chris Jones plays for the Kansas City Chief in his last season. It’s unfortunate to see a player like DI Chris Jones get a free agency. Chris Jones has a 59.9 run defense grade and a pass rush grade of 90.3. The pass rush win rate of Chris Jones is 18.5%. He has played for the big amount of $15.9 million in the las season of 2023.


3- Krik Cousins

Krik cousin has played for the Minnesota Vikings in  his last season. He also have a good arm strength to throw the ball at almost every level of the field. His throws are also very accurate. He has a clean pocket grade of 91.1 and has 89.1 1st and 2nd grade. The Standard dropback grade is 90.3 and his sack rate is 5.9%. He is 35 years old and has signed with the Falcons for 4 years in $180 million.


4- Julian Blackmon

Julian has played for the Colts since he was picked in the 3rd round of the 2020 NFL draft. He has played 15 games in his last season. From the 2022 season, he has more than 350 slot snaps. Half of his snaps came in 2023 season. He has a coverage grade of 63.7 and a force incompletion rate of 2.7%. His run defense grade is 66.6.


5- Kristian Fulton

Kristian Fulton is a 26 years old young agent, which had a disastrous year with many ups and downs. He has not performed well and got benched in the later matches. He has also been injured. It doesnlt makes him less skillfull as he has showed his skills and quality of game he can play over the past seasons. He is worth gambling for franchise. He has got 55.2 coverage grade w/ no pressure, and coverage grade he has on the throws is less than or equals to 2 seconds, 66.7 times. He has a forced incoletion rate of 6.4%.


6- Calvin Ridely

Calvin played for the Jacksonville Jaguars in his last season. He has missed all the matches in 2022 and has returned in 2023 because of facing suspension for sports gambling. These charges were dropped in 2023 and he has returned and has performed well. He has a receiving grade of 69.2 and has a 1.47 yards per route run. He has an average of 14 depth of the target.


7- Frankie Luvu

Frankie Luvu has played for the Carolina Panthers and has got noticed in 2021. He is still one of the best pass-rushing off-ball linebackers in the NFL. He is ranking at the 4th at pressures with 43 and ranking 1st with 9.5 sacks. His run defence grade is 86.6 and the coverage grade in the box is 56.4. His forced incompletion rate is 3.9%.


8- Steven Nelson

Steven Nelson has played for the Houston Texans and has played more than 950 snaps. This is for the 16 consecutive seasons in the 2023. He has a great lateral agility to click and close with popping up on the tape. He has a coverage grade w/ no pressure of 72.3. He has a forced incompletion rate of 11.2%


9- Dalton Schultz 

Dalton Schultz  has alse played for the Houston Texans. Because of him not performing well, he has been on the free agency list since the last off-season. He has a grade moer than 60 in the 5 straight consecutive season. He has a receiving grade of 70.6 and 1.45 of yards per route run.


10- Connor Williams

Connor Williams has played for the Miami Dolphins in his last season. He debuted with the Dallas Cowboys where he got into the 2nd level leading the way. He might not have a good phone booth but has a good and fast first step off the line which helps him to steal the game. He has a pass-block grade of 70.7 and a true pass-set pass-block grade of 63.3. He has a positive run-block grade of 18.4%.

So these were the Top 10 NFL Free Agents Still Available in the 2024 season. It will be interesting to see which franchise picks them up and their fightback. If you have any other agent in mind, then share your thoughts below.