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Top 5 Reasons to Install Impact Windows in Your Home

Top 5 Reasons to Install Impact Windows in Your Home

With that, it also is a responsibility to upkeep your dream home and secure it from just about everything. For those based in Fort Lauderdale and nearby areas, the list of problems includes hurricanes and high-speed stormy winds. The wind pressure is so high that even lose debris flows with them, flying all over like projectiles. So, your windows and doors wouldn’t last long when the hurricane season begins. But there is an option to go for impact windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale, which are specifically built to survive the hardest of hits. Here are the top 5 reasons why hurricane windows and doors are the way to go:

They are the Best Deterrents for Hurricane Threats

Hurricane damages can be devastating. Your entire house can shatter and shred into pieces if you do not have proper protection for it. Your life could be in grave danger without them. You can stop that from ever happening with sturdy impact windows and doors.

They are Burglar-Proof

Impact windows and doors are very difficult to break into. Even big hammers won’t shatter them completely despite several hits. So, no matter how good burglars are in their trade, you can breathe easy, knowing that they will not be able to breach your private space.


They Reduce Homeowners Insurance Premium

Since your home will be more secure then before, your insurance premium will come down by quite a margin. If at a future event you wish to sell your house, you can expect it to sell for significantly more, all because you have impact windows and doors installed all-around your house.

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They Reduce Energy Bills

Impact windows and doors are made from multiple layers of different materials that offer maximum insulation on their upper layer. So, any cooling or heating from your home unit gets deflected back, reducing the loss of energy. Moreover, while sunlight comes in from the window panes, heat and harmful UV rays do not, further reducing the load on your air-conditioning unit. You will see the difference when you get your energy bill next.


They are Visually-Appealing

Above everything else, impact windows and doors and very appealing aesthetically. You can easily distinguish between them and their conventional variants. Any given day, they will be the better option to go for, while also working like regular windows and doors when hurricanes arrive.

At the same time, hurricanes are not the only reason why you should look for hurricane impact windows and doors. There are other alternatives too like hurricane shutters that look stronger and sturdier. However, you need to put in a lot of effort into installing as well as uninstalling them. Moreover, they are very heavy to lift, so you may need more than one person to lift them around. And that goes for every vulnerable window around your house.

Impact windows, on the other hand, are very much like regular windows, but just as good as shutters. That means you just need to install them once and then have little to worry about hurricanes and storms, for several years at a minimum. For more details on how you too can install these at home, speak to your nearest store for impact windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale today.