June 29, 2022

Top 5 Reasons to Take IELTS Practice Test

Top 5 Reasons to Take IELTS Practice Test
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IELTS Practice Test: An ongoing debate is that ‘is it worth spending hours in IELTS practice?’ What most people do not understand is that practice is just a route to achieve greater bands. It is as simple as preparing for a presentation, meeting, or final exam. In each of these cases, hours of hard work and preparation go into the making of a great result. Then, the IELTS test is no different. And that is why I believe, IELTS Preparation is one of the most important aspects of obtaining a better band. Nevertheless, IELTS Practice Tests can be only effective if you are aware of the IELTS test format and scoring description in detail. So, let us dive into that first and understand the IELTS test format in detail.

IELTS Test Format

Let us start from the beginning or you can say from the basics. IELTS Test Format consists of two essential parts: IELTS Academic and IELTS General. IELTS Academic is for candidates who aspire to attain overseas education. While IELTS General is for candidates who aim of settling abroad, work overseas, or start a business. The common aspect of IELTS Academic and IELTS General is that they both share the same number of modules. Now, there are different IELTS Preparations for both these parts: IELTS Academic and IELTS General.

IELTS has four modules: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. In all these four modules, candidates should score a minimum of 6.5 bands each for being considerable. The higher the score, the better the chances of flying overseas. IELTS Practice Tests help in getting familiarized with each of these modules and further practice harder for each of them. Moreover, IELTS Practice can help you overcome the fear of appearing in the test.

Top 5 Reason to Take IELTS Practice Test

Over the years, the IELTS test has made a few changes to make the IELTS test experience much better and user-friendly. IELTS Practice Test makes candidates get familiarized with the format and test environment, thus, helping the students score better in the exam. Let us look into the top reasons to take the IELTS Practice Tests

  1. Enhance your Preparation

Do you know how a chef becomes a ‘World-class Chef’? By Preparing and perfecting his dish day-in and day-out. PREPARATION – This term means everything in IELTS Practice. It will help you perfect your skills and groom you to become better at all four modules. The best part of engaging in the free IELTS Practice Test is the result of achieving the desired scores. These four essential things improve if you keep up with your practice, and those are:

  • Consistency: IELTS Test can get a little exhausting. This will help you stay focused.

  • Accuracy: Increases the performance in each IELTS Preparation

  • Precision: Enhances the art of being precise in each question

  • Observation: We overlook questions at times. IELTS Preparation teaches us to be observant

  1. Monitor Your Progress

Make sure to note down your bands after each IELTS Practice Test taken with Evaluation. This way, you will always know your current score and past score. When I did my IELTS Practices, I always wrote the name of the test paper, the date, and the score. This way, I could always go back to cross-check my test papers. Also, one thing which I did often, was I repeated a test paper if I scored less in that. This made me prepare for the same and be more attentive in the next IELTS mock Test. So, always remember:

  • Note down your current and previous test scores

  • Mention date, IELTS Practice Test Paper Number, and Score in each test

  • Leave the first page of your Practice book to note down all the Practice Test scores

  1. Time to Manage your Time

Each IELTS Module: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking is of a specific time limit. You need to complete the test within the said time or you will lose marks. IELTS Practice Test teaches you to manage your time efficiently and in a manner that you can complete the entire test within the given time. Also, when you learn to manage time, you will be able to cross-examine your answers too after the test. IELTS Practice Test helps you to divide your time and dedicate them to all the sections in the module. This way, you are already ahead of most of the students, as IELTS is a time-based test. If you can manage your time, you have already won half the battle.

  1. Learn from the Tips and Tricks

Why do schools conduct mock tests before the final exam? To prepare you for the D-day and make sure you can improvise from the mock tests. IELTS practice Test with evaluation does the very same thing. It prepares you for the main exam. With each IELTS Practice Test, you learn something new. These tips and tricks will help you to score better on the next test. And the next. Till you are ready for the main test. After each test, you must note down your score, check the answer sheet and find the explanations for each wrong answer. And implement it in your next IELTS Preparation, this will make you do better each time.

  1. Improve your Speaking Abilities

This blog is to assist you in achieving a better score on your IELTS test. So, we should not miss out on the IELTS Speaking test as well. When taking IELTS Practice Test, do not miss out on your Speaking practice. Many candidates make this mistake and this is the module where they lack the practice. There are ample Speaking cue cards available, and you must practice daily with these cue cards. IELTS Practice Test is to make sure that you have an overall practice for each module, so select a speaking topic daily and speak about it for 2-minutes for better practice. In each practice, try using better words and reduce the use of filler words. This way, you will overcome your fear of the IELTS Speaking test and be prepared for the main test.


IELTS is a time-specific English proficiency test, and it is specifically designed to test your grammar, pronunciation, and language-understanding abilities. Therefore, IELTS Practice Tests are so important. They train your mind to be more attentive and divide the time effectively dedicating to all the sections in a module. There is a number of IELTS free mock tests, and the best ones are the IELTS Practice Test apps that you can install on your cellphone and practice anytime as per your convenience. Remember, the most effective way to crack the IELTS test is continuous practice.