September 30, 2022


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How Much Does It Cost To Buld An E-commerce Site From Scratch?

How Much Does It Cost To Buld An E-commerce Site From Scratch?
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First of all, you need to create your e-Commerce business plan before you calculate the cost for building an e-commerce site from scratch. Your requirements for the business will decide how much you need to spend on it. For instance, if we say, you need to have least of $10,000 to max $50,000. The cost differs on, how professional you want to make your website look and also on which platform you are building it. Is it a single product business that is quick to build and easy to make or you are developing a store with more than 100 products that takes a lot of time like on Amazon? The cost will ultimately be affected by the platform you choose, the features you want to add, the marketplace you would like to capture and what type of e-commerce store you want whether outsourced or in-house.

The items that will determine the cost for building an e-commerce site for you;


The complicated designs are more expensive than the simple ones. One’s that have more features and more options to select from will also cost you more. To choose the best design you also need to pay a lot of money. There are many templates and designs available to you choose according to your theme. The sugarier, the sweeter it is.


Custom functionality programs are unique that will increase pricing. You can choose any cheap ones that are simple yet not much attractive. To catch the customer and make them stay on your website for a longer time, there needs to be something alluring to the eyes.

Data Imports

Data imports take a lot of time and mind activeness. Besides this, if you need the product data, past orders and customer data, this will increase your website pricing. Unfortunately, you can’t skip this part, websites need this to run properly. 

Marketing And Advertising

These are the important tactics company needs to reach out to the customers and get to know the targeted audiences. Although this plan will boost your cost, it is most needed. It might be difficult to drive traffic to your site and deliver ROI without marketing and advertising.

Working with Third Party

Integrating can make you do a lot of work and helps in lots of purposes. Drives automation, integrate and manage data from multiple sources and help in achieving greater business. 


The type of company matters. If you wish to build your market for the US and American company, the cost will be higher than building up an e-commerce store in an undeveloped or low economy country.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that make up your cost for building an e-commerce site from scratch.

Domain Name

A domain name typically costs you anywhere between $9 and $14.99 per year. However, the prices differ due to what domain name you choose and what domain registrar you choose. If you are going to buy a domain for the 1st time, you can buy it from the Name Cheap which offers 15% OFF on registering a domain name. The domain names make you unique from the other websites. Let’s say your competitor and you have a similar domain, you both might end up confusing your customers.  

A domain name gives your business instant credibility and helps your customers to think of you as a broader minded company that is easily accessible online and want to lead in the e-commerce world of today.

Hosting Plan

The hosting plans will cost you around $2.49 to $730 per month. Varying from plan to plan. The cheapest to the most expensive ones. The cost depends on the factors each plan includes. The average uptime they provide, load time, support and security. They also consider prices and renewal. At times they even save you a lot with the domain fees and SSL certificates. 

For improved site performance, outstanding technical support, associate the domain with your email address you will surely look for the best and most reviewed hosting planner that will also provide you security from bugs and hackers. To avail of the high time and find a reliable hosting plan don’t go for the cheapest ones, you might lose some of the benefits that the expensive ones can only fascinate you with. You better look for the quality instead of cheap prices.

SSL Certificate

The very basic SSL certificate will cost $36.75. This can also be $74.25 for the premium one. SSL is a secure sockets layer. They are the digital certificates that confirm the existence of a site to a visitor and browser. These certificates enable the server to address and receive data securely in an encrypted connection.  You can get the SSL certificate from an SSL certificate provider. Some of the hosting planners will also help you in getting it for less prices and even for free. 

It ensures that your site is secured from cyber-attacks, identifies your site as a secured site to your customers and this is also important to you to get topped on the Google search pages and other search engines.  

Creating a Payment Gateway

Creating an easy payment gateway for your customers will help you make a good bond with them. Customers want a simple site to use where they can choose a gateway, convenient to them. Some payment gateways will ordinarily charge you 1.4% to 3.5% of your sales with no monthly fees. If you have a merchant account, the fees will be reduced interchange fees around 0.10%-20% per transaction, and also includes a monthly fee. 

Marketing and Promotion

These are the essential traits every e-commerce site should have. This is a sales strategy in which the brands will announce their existence and offer some discounts to attract prospects and customers. The cost depends on how long you are continuing your marketing and promotional activities and what media are you using. It can start from $10 a day and can exceed as much as you want to reach your sales target. 

Good marketing and promotion will help you make more sales, build up your reputation, know about your target audience, earn trust and understand the market tactics.