December 2, 2022


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Top Features You Should Look For In A Reliable Business Smartphone Plan

According to research, successful businesses are starting to appreciate the importance of having a business smartphone. Business mobiles can help your business in a number of ways. From communication to file sharing, you need a smartphone to improve the efficiency of your business. However, it’s important to select the right business smartphone plan.  Here are essential features of a good Smartphone plan.

Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling is an important feature of any business smartphone plan. Wi-Fi calling allows you to call or text via a Wi-Fi cellular network. Your phone will go through even when the phone is not showing any cell reception. Wi-fi calling gives you a high level of clarity.

The best thing about Wi-Fi calling is that you can use your smartphone’s number. You don’t require separate applications or any login prompts to use Wi-Fi calling.

Still more, Wi-Fi calling contains all the features of T-Mobile-based plans. Just like T-Mobile, Wi-Fi calling gives you the fastest network. In most cases, Wi-Fi calling is free. This helps your business to save huge sums of money when it comes to phone bills.

Hot Spot Capacity

A good smartphone plan comes with hot spot capability. Here, the phone acts as a hot spot. This means that you can use Wi-Fi wherever you are. You don’t need a Wi-Fi connection around to enjoy Wi-Fi services.

It’s important to note that this feature comes with a minimal additional fee, which is usually less than $25. This feature allows teams to connect to the net through their smartphones from oner hotspot-enabled phones. You only need one hotspot to benefit from this feature.

Your colleagues’ phones will pick up the feed from the hot spot phone. Through this feature, teams can work from any part of the world. It has made remote work easy and effective.

Battery Life

You want a smartphone that keeps all employees connected, right? Well, then choose a smartphone with superior battery life. Be sure to research well. Read reviews to get a clear picture of the battery life of that smartphone.


Business smartphone plans don’t limit you when it comes to the number of lines you can use. Whether you need 2 or 100, you will still find a plan that suits your explicit needs. The price of these plans increases depending on the number of lines available. The higher the number of lines, the pricier the plan.

Thus, it’s important to evaluate the needs of your business before making a move, Also, these plans allow you to use multiple numbers from one phone. It’s like owning multi-line land-based phones. The only difference is that this is portable and can fit into your pocket.

On average, it will cost you around $10 to add an extra line to your phone. However, ensure that the provider supports 4G LTE-based data. Remember, your business requires fast speed. Thus, choosing a 4G LTE-enabled network will hugely benefit your company.

Email, Surfing Capabilities

Modern smartphones are designed to allow emailing and surfing services. A good smartphone or iPhone should give you excellent surfing capabilities. Select a smartphone with an easy-to-use interface and comfortable design.

Excellent Keyboard Capabilities

Check the keyboard capabilities of that smartphone. Nowadays, you don’t need a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard or any other physical keyboards. Go for the most recent versions featuring touch-based keyboards.

International Calling

International calling is a common feature in most smartphone plans. Free calling allows you to make calls to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in a cost-effective manner. The integration of VoIP is important and can help companies save money.

Choose a plan that offers you unlimited calling. It should not impose an extra charge when it comes to making international calls. Choose a plan that gives you discounts and other incentives.

Modern network networks come with plans that minimize roaming charges, especially when traveling from one country to another. Still more, these plans offer you discounts, especially for those who use the auto-pay option. As a result, you can lower your company’s overall overhead costs.

Free Voicemail

If you have a tight schedule, you need a free voicemail feature. A good landline mobile plan should offer free voicemail.

News Updates

A great smartphone plan should come with a feature that allows your employees to receive key industry news as well as trends.

Scalable, Flexible

Your business is likely to grow in the future, right? Well, choose a mobile plan that can grow with your business. Choose a plan that allows you to add more features in the future. Avoid rigid contracts. They will lock you. Select a provider who can deliver customized and well as flexible packages.


Microsoft Exchange is an important aspect of any business. From small to large businesses, Microsoft exchange optimizes your email server. Choose a unit that offers sufficient Microsoft Exchange-based support.

There are several Microsoft Exchange options on the market. Common ones include:

  • Apple iOS and Blackberry OS
  • Windows Phone
  • Android

It’s important to conduct research to find out the support exchange that works well with your company.

Wireless Hotspots

Choose a smartphone that keeps all players connected. Remember, your employees need to share information.  Internal communication is important. That’s why you need a smartphone with exceptional wireless hotspot capabilities.

Most plans come with these capabilities. Again, it’s important to compare prices from different suppliers to get the right deal. The plan should have wireless tethering capabilities.

How To Choose The Right Plan

Choose a plan that suits your business’s call volume needs. Here, you have two options:

  • limited calling
  • Unlimited calling

If your call volume is huge, choose an unlimited calling. However, if your call volume isn’t that demanding, opt for limited calling. Ask your supplier to help you determine your call volume needs. The provider should also give you an estimate when it comes to the number of lines your business needs.


The Bottom-Line

Communication is an important aspect of any business. Effective communication helps managers track projects better. It allows you to share information and market your brand.  That’s where a business smartphone comes in. The above are essential features you should look for when shopping around for a smartphone.