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Top Ways Of Spending Quality Time With Your Dog

Top Ways Of Spending Quality Time With Your Dog

A busy lifestyle may mean you can’t give your canine partner as much attention as you would like. Here are ten ways to make sure you get the quality time you need and deserve.

Just ask anyone how much time they spend with their dog each day, and most likely, the answer will be: “Not as I would like.” They may add that they hate leaving home alone or cannot take long distances because they have so much more to do. Working long hours, cleaning the house, or shopping – our days are often filled with activities that leave little quality time for our canine friends.

But there are solutions without feeling guilty and wishing there were more hours a day. A slight redesign, creative thinking, and doing a lot of work can help ensure that your dog gets the attention & love he deserves. Here are some suggestions that work for most pet parents.


1. Find Ways to make the Most of Your Daily Life.

If you work outside the home, can you go with him, even if it is a few days a week? Depending on your job, this may be a rare possibility. However, a growing number of offices are allowing people to bring their dogs to work. Talk to your employer about canine benefits at work – e.g., high quality, high productivity, and low pressure.


2. Work From Home!

Alternatively, would your employer allow you to work from home sometimes, or just half a day so that your dog could have more company? Also, whether this is possible or not depends on the type of work you have. Still, telecommuting is a popular method with many companies these days.


3. Lunches At Home

If your workplace isn’t far from your home, you have an option to come home for lunch rather than eating out. That way, you will have more time before you eat to visit your dog. A visit will also be good for you – it gives you a short break from your desk and helps you relax and refresh you in the afternoon.


4. Create a “Quality Time” Schedule

If you live with your partner, children, or roommate, you may create a shift rotation. Each person can spend some time with the dog each day, be it walking, training, playing with, brushing, or just hanging out with them. It may require some discussion and order. For example, if you are a family of four, and each of you spends half an hour with a dog every day, those two extra hours daily are more than enough for bond-building.


5. Mix Well!

Many people join a gym to exercise, but why not use that time to exercise with your dog instead? Walking or walking in the fresh air with your canine is much more fun than exercising in the gym, which costs nothing! In bad weather, exercise indoors. Set a mini-agility course in the hallway or reverse. You may consider investing in a treadmill; you can train your dog to walk on it (with a keen eye) and use it yourself. Over time, the cost of a high-end treadmill will be less than a continuous gym membership.


6. Take Her to Sports Events!

If you have children involved in outdoor sports events, take your dog with you to their games – or take them to an actual sports event! Most dogs will love attention and activity. Just be sure to keep her rented and guarded and bring water and a few favorite treats.


7. Spend Time Together in Peace

Pencil in a daily quiet time zone to have your dog. The best time may be in the evening, just before bedtime. Instead of hunching in front of a screen, sit with your dog and pay close attention. Talk to him, hit him, fix him, or relax in front of him. Clear out all your thoughts and focus on your dog. This time is for you & your buddy, not for anyone or anything else. Choose a cozy and private place in the house where you will not be disturbed. Even just ten or fifteen minutes of this slow connection can make a massive difference to both of you – you will feel more relaxed and focused, and your dog will fall in love with you.


8. Let her Sleep with You

Where does your dog sleep at night? Are you locked out of your bedroom or downstairs? Would you allow your dog to sleep in your room? Some people like to have their dogs in bed with them, but if you are not one of them, you can move his beds to your room so that he can at least be close to you and have your company at night. Even sleeping together is a quality time together.


9. Practice Some Training Techniques!

Practice obeying or training instructions with your dog while making dinner. Chances are, if there is food involved, your dog will be in the kitchen with you anyway.  So how do you use that time to train your dog some new skills while also refreshing your mind? And the rewards will be imminent in the form of raw vegetables, meat, or cheese.


10. Include Him in Your Daily Activities

You may apply the same principle to outdoor activities. For example, train your pup to track and fetch a ball or a toy while you are out in the garden or sorting out the laundry.

You may already be using some of these suggestions, but you probably do not spend as much time with your dog as you see fit. Realizing how often you give your dog a little each day is a first step in determining where and how you can improve. The result will be a happier, better-groomed dog, and you will be more comfortable, more relaxed.