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Things to Know About Fitted Sheets

Things to Know About Fitted Sheets

In this modern world of luxury, we often find ourselves seeking extra comfort to suit our lifestyles. From the softness of our mattress toppers to the alluring scents in our homes. Hence, our bedroom is not an exception, we seek true luxury for our bedding in the form of bed linen fitted sheets.

What are Fitted Bed Sheets?

A fitted sheet is a bed cover that is designed to fit your exact mattress by taking its shape & snug onto it with elasticized corners. The elastic band holds the corners firmly in the right place. Their sole function is to protect the mattress, cover the mattress, ensure a soft & smooth surface for sleeping. The most important thing to keep in mind while buying fitted sheets is the right dimensions of a mattress — the length, width, & thickness. As fitted sheets pull snugly over the mattress & they don’t come out easily. Most important things to know about best fitted bed sheets UK


Protection for your Mattress:

Fitted sheets offer optimum protection for your mattress from normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear appear in the form of stains (liquids, body fluid, etc.), rips, or tears. Mattresses are the most important component of your bedding and when treated properly, should last anywhere from 10 to 12 years.


Easy Maintenance:

When fitted appropriately on your mattress, the fitted sheet should not be easily dislodged from each corner but fits snugly without wrinkles. Using the correct measurements for your fitted sheet, the fitted sheet should be pulled over your mattress to create a flat, smooth, and wrinkle-free sleeping surface.

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Snug Fit & Smooth Surface:

Though a fitted sheet snug perfectly on your mattress, all it takes for removal is a simple plush from one of its elasticized corners. This easy removal is perfect for laundry and a lot easier than trying to remove a quilted mattress cover — which tends to be bulky and troublesome to remove, especially if it covers the entire mattress. These fitted sheets can be laundered at home, so there are no trips to expensive dry cleaners for cleaning but instead simple following cleaning instructions.


How to Buy Fitted Sheets:

Are you confused about what type of bedding is suitable to meet your bedding needs? Choosing bed sheets, especially if you are up to buying a whole bulk of bed linens that are soft, cozy, and welcoming to all guests, you should buy them wisely.

To buy perfect fitted sheets you need to know the exact size of your mattress, as nobody likes to end up with a sheet that is too small or too slack. So if you have a single bed then you will need a single fitted sheet. Don’t forget the height of the mattress and if you are using a mattress topper, you will need to buy a deeper sheet to ensure that it fits the mattress appropriately. When it comes to the material, the choice is yours. The best fabrics to be used for fitted sheets are:



Choosing high-quality cotton fitted sheets for your bedding is very important for a peaceful slumber. Cotton blend and 100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets are soft on your skin and highly breathable than 100% synthetic materials. They are easy to wash and care for.



Jersey fitted sheets are made of 100% cotton, a neutral product. The luxury sheets are breathable and thanks to the way the yarns are knitted instead of woven, it is very soft. Knitted yarns make the jersey sheets more stretchable and help them to retain their shape. Jersey fitted sheets won’t pill and are warmer than cotton.

Here at Rainbow Hosiery, jersey fitted sheets are made of 100% cotton. It is top-notch quality with elasticized corners and a soft feel, available in all suitable variations. The fitted sheets are ventilating and absorbing with high durability. They are available in a wide array of colors. Both neutral as well as trendy colors.


Bottom Line:

If you are looking for new bed covers, you have come to the right place. For the traditionalists, we have got classic, cotton-rich fitted sheets in a range of standard sizes from single through to super king, perfect for tucking and folding in with the rest of your bed covers. You will also find an extensive range of deep-fitted sheets in a wide array of fantastic colors and standard sizes. You can find the perfect style and size to complement the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Now that you know fitted sheets are highly equipped to meet your day-to-day bedding needs and the most easy-to-handle sheets, you can make the decision right away! So, don’t hesitate to spoil yourself with that extra little comfort of a well-laid bed with all its bells and wishes.