December 5, 2022


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Want a BSc Hons Without Going to University?

Want a BSc Hons Without Going to University

What is a BSc Hons?

A BSc Hons is otherwise known as a Bachelor of Science with Honours. It is a highly regarded academic qualification regarding the study of science and technology. The honours is an addition level of the award that shows that you passed your studies with additional recognition. This recognition can come from a final project, such as a dissertation or a final case study. Although it is possible to obtain a bachelor of science degree without honours, these are not as readily recognized.


The Equivalent Of A BSc Hons

In order to obtain such a level of qualification you are required to study at a university for a number of years. It is a respected qualification that requires years of study and a big financial commitment. This is a commitment that not many people are willing to take. It can mean years dedicated to studies and ongoing loan re-payments to fund your education. For that reason, there needs to be suitable alternatives on offer for those not looking to devote such time and money.

If you are looking to obtain a higher level of education than that gained through school or college, there are alternatives available. Firstly, it is worth noting that a BSc Hons is a level 6 qualification. In the UK there are a total of 9 different levels of academic qualification available. Then, you should take into account that although there are multiple forms of level 6 qualification available, each has a different delivery method.


An NVQ Level 6 As An Alternative To A BSc Hons Degree

One of the most recognized alternatives to a BSc Hons degree is a level 6 NVQ. NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification. This is the practice of learning through work, a much more practical approach to learning. NVQ’s a recognized widely by employers. Some employers will even offer NVQ’s to their staff to help improve their practices, funded by the company. Studying for a Level 6 NVQ has many benefits, making it a worthy contender to the BSc degree.


NVQ Accessibility

Firstly, studying for an NVQ is vastly more accessible than studying for a BSc Hons. In order to get a university degree you will most likely need to commute, or stay, at the campus that offers your course. Alternatively, an NVQ can be studied online. Meaning you don’t need to worry about relocating in order to further your capabilities.


A Price Comparison To A BSc Hons

Next, another important reason as to why many people are choosing to study BSc Hons alternatives is the cost. Studying a university degree comes with a hefty fee.  Understandably so as the content delivered is done so to high a standard. However, an NVQ is able to provide a similar level of comprehension for much less of a price. Due to the lack of need for resource or utilities, online study and NVQ’s are considerably cheaper.


Flexible learning

Finally, I would like to highlight the flexibility of learning online in comparison to university attendance. As most online courses are delivered via online lectures, you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home. In addition to this, they are also hosted at a much more reasonable hour. Most online courses now host their lectures outside of working hours. Not only does this allow you to put your new skills into practice, but it also doesn’t affect your way of life. You do not need to sacrifice your current full time salary in order to improve your skills.


Taking your BSc Hons Equivalent Online

Online learning is increasing in popularity. This is down to numerous reasons. Initially, it was thank to developments in technology that increased our understanding of the opportunities the internet can bring. Then, the coronavirus meant many were forced to learn from home, breaking the normal routine. Now people have realized the benefits of home learning, it is only expected to grow in popularity. Therefore, if you are looking to study for a BSc Hons equivalent online, you have lots of options available.

The most important thing to remember about online learning is that you have options. Each course will differ in content and delivery method. As individuals, we all learn in different ways. Therefore, it is important that you find a course style that is going to suit you. Course providers such as the College of Contract Management offer courses that are delivered via live video call. This will benefit many, as you can still experience the classroom style learning environment. The opportunity to socialize with fellow students and join discussions with lecturers is a huge benefit to their courses.

Alternatively, some students may prefer a more relaxed approach. Online pre-recorded videos can be helpful for those looking to learn the basics of a new skill. However, please be aware this will most likely not be accepted by many employers. Regardless of how you choose to study, make sure you research the right course for you first.