December 5, 2022


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How to Prevent Car Theft

Car theft is an increasing concern for drivers across the world. Every year, thieves seem to become more sophisticated in stealing vehicles and getting away with their actions.

Whether your vehicle is brand-new or you’ve had the same second-hand car for decades, keeping car thieves away can be difficult. Nowadays, no car is safe and this is why it’s so important to take the best safety precautions.

Below, we’ve listed some key steps to prevent car theft and keep your vehicle safe in your ownership.


Lock Your Vehicle

This first tip might sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many people forget to lock their cars when they’re driving. When you’re sitting at a red light or parked up at the side of the road, somebody could easily jump into your car if the doors aren’t locked.

Get into the habit of locking your car when you’re driving and when you’re not driving. Get a remote car starter so that you can lock your vehicle from a distance if you see anybody suspicious hanging around.


Keep Your Valuable Belongings Hidden

Opportunistic thieves will make a move if they spot expensive items in your car. To minimize the chances of a break-in, hide your bag, purse, wallet, card, and any other valuables if they’re in the car. If possible, avoid leaving them in your car altogether!


Keep the Car Keys Safe

Leaving your keys somewhere that makes it easy for a thief to grab them is a big mistake. Always keep your keys out of view, whether you are in public or at home.

Store them away from your front door when you are in the house to keep your car safe at home. Keep them in a closed handbag by your side when you are eating out at a restaurant or shopping.

If you have a car that uses keyless entry, you still need to take precautions. Thieves have sneaky ways of tricking keyless entry vehicles into thinking the key is close by, causing them to unlock.

If you have a keyless entry car, make sure to always put the keys in a signal-blocking pouch. If you buy a used car, always get the key reprogrammed so that only you can access your vehicle. Always turn off wireless signals on your key when you are not using it.


Park in Safe Spaces

You should always park your vehicle in bright, visible areas and avoid dark, secluded areas. Even if it means walking a little further to your destination, you should make sure your car is safe.

Always try and find a car park that has CCTV and is well-lit. Thieves are less likely to try and steal a car if they’re on camera! Even if they do attempt to steal your car or they are successful in doing so, it will be much easier to catch them when there is CCTV.