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What are the Best Places to Travel To in 2023?

Consider yourself fortunate if you’ve been thinking about your upcoming vacation and need some itinerary inspiration. We’ve done the research and compiled a list of some ideal locations for you. Continue reading for our selection of the must-see locations to inspire your 2023 travels, including charming coastal towns, picturesque islands, ancient treasures, and cultural centers.


Menton, France

Having trouble deciding between France and Italy? Menton, which is located on the French-Italian border and is only 30 minutes away from Nice, makes for the ideal “middle” ground. It’s a picture-perfect town with an antique Mediterranean charm that is frequently disregarded in favor of its opulent neighbor Monaco. Menton, also known as the “Pearl of France,” attracts visitors with its maze of pastel-colored alleys, wafting citrus aroma, towering palm trees that wave in the air, and idyllic beach views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Foodies will particularly appreciate the town’s fondness for Provençal-inspired Italian flavors. not to be overlooked citrus juice. Menton is known for producing lovely lemon trees, which you can see all around the town and which softly fill the streets with their delicious hum. This is because the town has a special microclimate with over 316 days of sunlight each year.


Ponza, Italy

Consider the island of Ponza to be the hidden treasure you’ve been searching for if you’ve “done” the Amalfi Coast and are seeking for a bit la dolce vita away from the masses. Ponza, an island off the coast of the Lazio region of Italy, is just a little over three hours by car from Rome.

It has everything you could want from an Italian summer getaway: aquamarine waters that hug sweeping cliffs dotted with colorful facades, charming, winding country roads, beaches, and natural seawater pools for peaceful, wave-free swims. Ponza is also ideal if you want to immerse yourself in the culture and summer as the locals do because the bulk of tourists there are Italian.


Petra, Jordan

A trip to Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, is essential in this life; why not plan one for 2023? The archaeological wonder, also known as the Lost City, contains a plethora of temples and ruins that reflect over 10,000 years of human occupation and is like taking a magnificent step back in time. Petra, which can be reached in just two and a half hours by car from Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a great destination for day trips as well as overnight stays.

Petra features a wealth of trails, caves, and places to hike and explore in addition to its most recognizable landmark, The Treasury, a rock-cut temple. Last but not least, if you have time, go to Little Petra, which is a scaled-down but no less stunning replica of its larger cousin.


New Orleans, USA

You can feel New Orleans’ blend of influences resonating throughout the city, from the historic French Quarter’s architecture to the flavorful creole and cajun food in its numerous chic eateries and quirky cafés. New Orleans is the cradle of jazz music and a genuine melting pot.

Many plan trips to take part in the city’s renowned Mardi Gras season, which normally takes place in February. This is especially perfect if you’re looking for a cultural or nightlife-focused break. To escape the severe heat and storm risks of the other seasons, travel there in the spring and winter of the northern hemisphere if you don’t enjoy crowds and partying.

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The Seychelles

If solitude, untouched nature, and gorgeous beaches are among your favorite things, the Seychelles should be on your travel agenda for 2023. The isolation of the oceanic nation, which is made up of 115 islands off the eastern coast of Africa (approximately 1,600 km from Kenya), is part of what makes it so alluring, combined with its stunning white sand beaches and lush, green forests filled with enormous granite boulders. When organizing your vacation, keep in mind that the ideal periods to go are between April and May and October and November. The rainy season lasts from December to February.


Banff, Canada

Although the Canadian Rockies town of Banff is best known for being a haven for winter sports, it’s actually the ideal year-round retreat for nature and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. With its breath-taking mountains and huge, lake-flecked landscape—hello, ice-skating in the winter—Banff is similar to the “Queenstown of Canada” in terms of its attraction for those who love the outdoors.

Consider outdoor activities like hiking, bicycling, and water sports in the spring and summer, followed by winter sports like skiing and snowboarding and luxurious dips in hot springs. Since Banff provides fantastic RV camping, if you want a more flexible trip where you can go at your own leisure, we highly recommend Sprinter van for rent Scottsdale.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a gourmet and history enthusiast’s ideal trip because of its beautiful and chaotic environment. There is no shortage of sights, smells, and delectable foods vying for your attention, from the Old Quarter’s colourful architecture, which reflects a rich mingling of Southeast Asian, Chinese, and French influences, to the innumerable food carts peddling local street food delicacies.