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What is a Water Monitor and How Does it Work?

Undetected water leaks can lead to a massive loss and damage to your home if it is not noticed in time. You can look for a water saver to ensure you lower the utility bills that result from water leakage. Are you wondering what a water monitor is and how it works? Well, worry no more. Relax and sip your juice as you get informed.

What is a Water Monitor?

A water monitor is a device used to regulate the amount of water used in a project. It can aid in tracking the water leakage in your home or industry. There are very many water monitor devices that are used for the same purpose. But, some are reliable since the materials used tend to wear out quickly.

The mydlink wi-fi water sensor is one of the water monitor designs used to alert if the water is collecting in certain areas. Yet, it does not detect water leaks in the entire system. That is why most people do not prefer this device.

Spot water detector like the Flume 2 smart water monitor is very popular. That is because it can give weekly, monthly, and yearly reports on how water has been used in your home. It is a very accurate and reliable device that you can always count on for water savers.

Smart water flume two does not demand any plumbing work or even a power source. You can strap it on your water meter and install an app to know how much water you use and detect any water leaks.


How Does it Work?

Water monitor detector, like flume 2, is similar to other electric meters. You will find out that most home water meters have a magnetic disc that rotates, and the rate of spin is the same as the amount of water used.

Typically, the flume two smart home water monitors gauges the disc’s magnetic field and sends it to the bridge using wireless high tech. In return, the bridge uses wi-fi to transmit that data to the cloud. That is where you can now access the data from the place using your mobile app.

Flume 2 home water monitor is arguably the works on up to 95 percent of the water meters, and it is very accurate compared to other devices. It can detect flow rates from as little as 0.01 gallons of water per minute. What a great machine!

Those low rates ensure that the water monitor detects tiny leaks in your entire system that you might be aware of in the first place. You can use the web portal or even the mobile app to monitor water usage and leaks.

When you go to the dashboard screen, you will find a panel named Today. That displays a gauge showing the amount of water used in gallons for that day and the percent of your ten-day average. When the gauge shows that your usage is above average, it offers a green colour, and it means your use is below the average.

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Final Thoughts

If you are tired of losing track of water usage in your home, you can get yourself a water monitor. There is a wide range of water monitors in the market, but you have analysed the one known as flume’s two smart home water monitor in this guide. Ensure you have a water saver to evade increased utility bills that occur when water is wasted at home.