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Which is Better CISA or CISM?

Which is Better CISA or CISM?

When it comes to getting certified for information systems, CISA and CISM cross our minds. Although they sound similar, CISA and CISM hide several differences among each other. They have high industry recognition and are among the most sought-after certifications in the world. Many recruiters seek these certifications in applicants’ resumes to hire them at higher salaries.

After hearing so many perks of becoming a CISA or CISM, you might be willing to get certified at the earliest. However, you might be stuck at choosing one among CISA and CISM. But which one should you choose and why? Or, more precisely, which is better for you: CISA or CISM?

Honestly, CISA and CISM differ in several aspects. For instance, a CISA can earn an average of $105k (as per per annum in the United States, and in contrast, a CISM has average annual earnings of approximately $128k (as per in the region. Besides salary, several points distinguish CISM and CISA. Here are some of the comparison points to assist in making the wisest choice between CISA and CISM certification.


CISA – What is It?

The CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is a widely popular certification and standard that assesses an IT auditor’s knowledge, expertise, and skill in analyzing vulnerabilities and implementing IT controls in a corporate context.

ISACA awards the CISA certification to those in charge of monitoring, managing, and protecting an organization’s IT and business systems. It demands the applicants to go through a rigorous testing phase before getting them certified. IT auditors, audit managers, consultants, and security experts benefit from the CISA certification.


What Do You Mean By CISM?

The Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM) is an ISACA-sponsored professional credential for professionals who manage or wish to manage an information security program.

The CISM is designed for current or prospective managers, and it is becoming increasingly crucial as cybersecurity at the corporate level becomes a c-level and board issue. This certification is based on the idea that as programs and demands expand, professionals will need management credentials in addition to the many technical certificates that exposure to a large company cybersecurity operation would necessitate.

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CISA vs. CISM – What’s the Difference?

The information system certifications, CISA and CISM, are entirely different and have several points of distinction. Being an aspirant, you require making the best decision for yourself by comparing CISA and CISM. Are you wondering about the contrast between CISA and CISM? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most contrasting comparisons between CISA and CISM that you should know before starting preparations.

1)- Domain

Before going to any other point, one must know about the domains that CISA and CISM target. The CISA certification aims at recognizing and validating an auditor’s skills that enhance the IT environment and corporate operability.

In contrast, CISM is for aspiring or present managers who wish to proficiently monitor and organize IT culture in a corporate surrounding. All in all, both certifications have different domains, and the choice largely depends on your aspirations and motive.


2)- Target Audience

As the domains of CISA and CISM differ, so do the targeted audiences. In other words, CISA and CISM are for different professionals working in the information system industry. A CISA certification is for audit professionals who wish to grow as system vulnerability detectors. So, the targeted candidates for CISA are primarily auditors, consultants, audit managers, and others.

On the other hand, CISM aims at candidates who wish to manage the information system programs at the corporate level. The certification validates their managerial proficiency and serves as a standard in the global industry. So, the targeted aspirants can be managers and executives having managerial expertise in information systems.


3)- Job Roles and Responsibilities

The job roles for CISA and CISM are entirely different. A CISA is expected to audit, monitor, and control information systems to keep away vulnerabilities and ensure the risk-free functioning of all systems. So, the duties of a CISA in a company can be assessing different systems, identifying threats, and suggesting remedial measures at the earliest.

In contrast, a CISM is expected to have more inclination towards analysis and strategic planning for efficient information systems management. Unlike CISA, a CISM does not address surface flaws in the existing system, and they make efficient blueprints for managing and organizing the plans for enhanced performances.


CISA or CISM – Which is Better?

Indeed, CISA and CISM are the best certifications in the world that associate the information system industry. However, you require choosing between CISA or CISM at some point in time. So, how do you pick one certification that best suits your interest? Don’t worry anymore! We will guide you to make the best decision right below.

First things first! You require asking yourself about what excites you – audits or managerial posts. Or, you can consider your already-established career before choosing a certification. You can go with CISA if your job profile has something to do with auditing and consulting. Also, you can go for CISM certification if managing and planning is your thing. So, you can choose CISM if your existing job profile illustrates information system management and planning for enhanced operability.

Besides, you can also consider other parameters like job vacancies, salaries, and growth opportunities. You require considering everything before selecting an appropriate certification. Finally, you can go with either CISA or CISM based on your decisions about the future.

Ultimately, the choice between CISA or CISM is yours. However, you can choose any certification to gain tremendous career benefits. You can get higher salaries and enormous incentives by getting certified and approved during your professional endeavor. Also, you can find many online training courses to educate you about CISA or CISM and become a certified professional in the industry. You can initiate a comparison among various tutorials regarding different parameters. Furthermore, you can choose the course having the best characteristics and positively benefiting your career. You become all set to purchase the relevant exam and take the test to get certified once you feel prepared enough.