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How to Meditate for Students – Mental Wellbeing Tips and Guide

How to Meditate for Students

We all have practiced meditation once in our life & we know the benefits of meditation too. But do you know how meditation can help students and increase their impact on studies, creativity, and other extracurricular activities? In this article we will find out How to Meditate for Students and some tips & guides as well.


So What Exactly is Meditation?

Meditation is the practice in which an individual uses a technique called mindfulness, to get a better attention span and awareness. The technique of mindfulness can be done on a particular object, a thought, or an activity. This is also done to achieve clear mental thoughts and calm. 


Types of Meditations for Students

There are several types of meditations for students that they can follow to improve their mind, thoughts, and calmness. The 3 types of meditation techniques are:

1- Breath Control

It is one of the best and the oldest techniques to follow for students. In this technique, one needs to focus on their breathing. Mainly the inhale and the exhale. You have to inhale slowly by feeling the air hitting your nostrils and lungs and exhale your breath slowly. This meditation technique can be done by students at any point of time of the day. Make sure to have a sit in a calm and quite environment.


2- Focus Meditation Technique

This meditation as the name suggests is good for students who want to increase their focus on things like study, creativity, some crafts, etc. This will increase the concentration power of the student to study. For this just sit in a quiet room, and concentrate on your slow breath. Inhale and exhale the air by concentrating fully on it. Students who are having a bad time concentrating on certain subjects can benefit from this technique and excel in their studies.


3- Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the 3rd technique that can be used by the student. In this technique, the student has to focus on the ideas in their minds. This technique increases the awareness and the concentration. While focusing on the ideas in the mind, students can find something helpful that they can do. This meditation technique is mainly done in the Western Countries, especially in Buddhism.


Benefits of Meditation in Students (Physical Aspects)

Yes, you read it right, meditation can also help physically to students and is directly related to physical health. Students who are engaged in regular meditation techniques can see these physical benefits in their bodies:

  • Increase in the Hormone Regulation
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health
  • Decrease Chronic Pain


Benefits of Meditation in Students (Mental Aspects)

Meditation purely helps an individual on their Mental Health. This is very helpful for students in their life which will lead them to have a better lifestyle. Some mental health issues which is beneficial through meditations are:

  • Helps in Increase Focus
  • Reduces the stress level in the body
  • Improves  concentration
  • Helpful for getting more ideas
  • Helps in sleep deprivation
  • Helps to maintain relations with others
  • Reduce Depression


Some Recommended Books for Meditation of Students

Here are some boobs which help students to meditate, reduce stress and enhance their focus.

  • The Moment is Your Life: A Fun & Easy Guide to Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga by Mariam Gates
  • Why Can’t I Meditate? How to Get Your Mindfulness Practise on Track – Nigel Welling
  • My Magic Breath: Finding Calm Through Mindful Breathing by Alison Taylor
  • Moody Cow Meditates by Kery Maclean


Apps for Students to Meditate

Here are some beneficial apps for students to meditate. These apps will help them to increase their focus, attention, and concentration.

1- HeadSpace

This app helps to meditate and offers life-changing features. It helps in reducing stress, and anxiety and increases personal growth.

2- Calm

Calm is an app that is designed to relax the brain of students. In this app, meditation sessions range from 20 minutes to an hour.

3- Bhuddify

The Bhuddify app can be used not only by students but also by people of all ages. It is known for reducing the stress level in students which can be caused by study or a hectic schedule. It fulfills your mind with a calm and stress-free environment.


Some Do’s while Meditation

  1. While starting the meditation, just sit in a relaxing environment, which will make you feel calm and quite.
  2. If you are a beginner, you can set a time limit in the app, or an alarm in the phone (if you are doing it yourself). Slowly increase your time limit as you progress.
  3. Make sure to site loosely cross-legged and make your body stable and calm.
  4. Wear Loose clothes which will help you to meditate better, not making any distractions for you.
  5. You can also feel your breath, as it will help you to generate more focus and attention.