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Why High Bay Lights the Preferred Choice of Lighting in Industries?

Why High Bay Lights the Preferred Choice of Lighting in Industries?

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High bay light refers to those light fixtures designed specifically to be used in areas with ceiling height above 20 feet and reaching beyond 40 feet. So to fill in large areas with uniform bright light high bay lights are an essential requirement.

High bay lights typically hang from the ceiling with hooks, chains, or pendants, or they may be fixed to the ceiling directly like traditional troffer light fixtures.

But they are not entirely similar to troffer lights which use  several fluorescent or led tubes. LED high bay fixture is compactly designed small or large light which provides extremely bright light as compared to its other counterparts and has several huge benefits when it comes to replacing other lighting fixtures entirely.

Apart from the intensity of light, uniformity of illumination and colour correctness which are the essential criteria of large-scale industries. But also In such places high risk tasks are carried out involving machinery and flammable substances so for the benefit of the workers and to provide them with improved safe environment use of these fixtures is essential.


The most common application of these fixtures can be found in various industries and facilities which are:

  • Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Community centres
  • Departmental stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Gymnasiums
  • Recreational centres
  • Industries

Here due to large spaces and long hours of light usage high bay lights are conventional.

Types of high bay lights

They are available in several different designs with varying efficiency and features. In order to choose the best one you need to have a layout of your space and choose from round,grid and linear high bays.


The most popular design of a simple high bay fixture is round high bay which is also known as ufo high bay light.

Despite being small and round the reason why they are preferred is that they have a wide spreading beam angle which disperse light uniformly over a large space.

Additional benefits include the availability of its parts and that they are quite easy to assemble and reduces labour cost.


Two of the other popular shapes and layouts are linear and grid mounted high bays. Their design is similar to that of troffer lights and they are suspended from ceilings using pendants or chains.

Round high bays are still preferred by consumers because of their compactness and wide beam angle, they are also easy to carry and transport.

Led high bay are preferred choice because of several reasons.


–       Why are LEDs preferred over Halogen lamps?

Leds are the conventional, safest lighting option available in the market, they reduce maintenance cost and are more powerful than halogen and other bright light producing counterparts.

The reason why they are getting increasingly popular is due to the fact that led technology is safe for the environment; they produce less heat and more light.

They are energy efficient and brighter, their brightness being measured in lumens and as per calculated a 240W led bulb is brighter than 240W halogen bulb.

Moreover, LED lights have a lifespan that is forty times longer than any other lamp which means in spaces like industries where maintenance is done on yearly basis on contract there are fewer chances of frequent replacement for bulbs which go out.


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