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Why It Is Better to Not Disclose Your Phone Number on the Web?

Nowadays many online services require users to provide them with their mobile phone numbers in order to sign up for a profile. There is nothing bad about this in general. On the other hand, there are also several disadvantages to that requirement. Luckily, right now there is a choice. You no longer need to use your own phone number for registration on websites and apps. But let’s talk about why it is better to not disclose a personal number first.

Use For Advertising Purposes

Every internet user at least once was in a situation where after registration on one or another platform on the web multiple promotional text messages were sent to the phone number used in the process. This is a common occurrence. Many online services use numbers of their customers for that purpose. Some of them do this even without asking for permission, which is, however, not the worst thing.

The worst thing is that there are also companies that sell the personal data of users to other commercial companies. Because of this, sharing a number with one platform can lead to it being known by many other platforms. In all likelihood, after this happens, your mobile phone number will be flooded with promotional text messages and even calls. This is the main disadvantage of disclosing a phone number on the web.

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Sharing Data With Other Users

You never know what is on the mind of another person. Some people have bad intentions and sharing with them your number is definitely not a good decision. But if on certain online services users can choose if they want to share their mobile phone number or not, others make that data public by default.

Some of these services are WhatsApp and Telegram. You have to provide your phone number to sign up for an account on mentioned instant messengers which after registration will show the used number to other people. They can do with them whatever they want. Even deleting the profile along with the app won’t solve that issue as the mobile phone number belongs to the mobile carrier that issued it and doesn’t relate to online services it is used with. Those who saved your phone number will still be able to text or call you via the regular cellular network.


How to Avoid Disclosing a Number on the Web?

If verification of mobile phone number is mandatory to make an account on one or another website or app, then there is more likely no other registration option. Moreover, it seems that in the near future more platforms will implement this verification feature into their systems. However, it is no longer necessary to utilize a personal phone number for this purpose. You can buy phone number online and use it for verification on online services without taking any privacy risks.

Such an opportunity is provided by multiple specialized companies including SMS-Man. This platform offers numbers for registration on more than 1500 websites and apps. There is also a wide choice when it comes to choosing a country of cellular carrier. You can select from over 100 countries. To put it crudely, there is a solution for everyone. Using it goes as follows:

  1. Proceed to and sign up for a new account.
  2. Top up your balance with funds using a suitable payment system from those that are presented on the appropriate tab.
  3. On the main page of the website choose where the mobile phone number should be issued.
  4. Scroll the page to the next section and search for an online service wh which you are planning to utilize a phone number. You can use the search feature to make the process quicker.
  5. Click on the purchase button.
  6. Use the received number for registration on the linked website or app.
  7. Finish registration with a one-time password came to the mobile phone number.

You are now completely private on the appropriate platform and no longer have to worry about your phone number falling into the wrong hands. To become private on other platforms, simply get numbers with an appropriate configuration and use them in the same way. You can also rent a mobile phone number for verification on the relevant page and operate it to sign up for as many online services as needed without getting a new phone number for each registration.