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Why Should Businesses Use Animation For Marketing

Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or launching a startup, marketing is essential for all kinds of businesses. It conveys your brand’s message, educates your target audience about your offer as well as ensures that the content is compelling. In today’s digital era, there are tons of choices in terms of the tools you can use for marketing, animation being one of the most popular and effective ones.

Animation marketing allows the brand to convey its message to the desired audience in a concise, precise and impactful manner. That’s why every industry is making use of this technique to provide a sense of clarity to their audience. So, no matter what kind of company or business you run, you must pay adequate attention to animation marketing/messaging. For this purpose, it’s essential to hire expert animators through talent acquisition strategy as they can help drive user engagement and thus generate more business.

There are plenty of reasons for businesses to use animation for marketing. Here are some of them.


1# It’s Easy to Understand

When you’re trying to promote a product or idea, explaining it in text form alone can be a real challenge. If it has technical jargon or unusual details, the audience may struggle in connecting with it. Images also can’t bring an idea to life. This is where the use of animation videos comes in. Animation videos can provide the audience clarity about the idea or product by explaining its concept in the form of a story. This is extremely beneficial for businesses because since stories are easier to understand and remember, the audience is likely to be drawn to your product/service and also remember it for longer.

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2# Animated Characters Help Communication

It is through the characters that an idea or story unfolds. When the audience sees animated characters do certain things or go through certain situations, they can empathize with them and experience their emotions. A well-animated character would be able to portray human conditions and reactions in a way that connects the audience to the product or idea being promoted/explained. So, if the character is open to a certain idea, the audience would be open to it as well.


3# It’s Entertaining

Animation is typically associated with cartoons and movies for children; it grabs their attention through creativity and entertainment. The same is done in animation marketing for products and services. Since animation is generally ‘not’ perceived as a marketing tool, consumers would likely pay more attention to it rather than traditional ads.

 In animation, you can craft characters, tell stories, be realistic or imaginative, the possibilities are endless. Even when you’re not promoting a particular product or service, you can use animation to showcase your brand personality (which is an important aspect of marketing). If animation is fun and entertaining for the consumers, they’ll remember it and associate it with your brand, regardless of its relevance to the product/service. 


4# No Reshoots Required

Traditional video shooting for commercials is a long and tedious procedure. From scheduling interviews to preparing scenarios to coordinating resources, it takes a lot of time, effort and finances. And if a certain change in content or scenario is required you have no choice but to reshoot which means the process would not only be prolonged but require double the investment. Animation has made marketing a lot quicker, easier as well as cost-effective. With the help of background scores and voice-overs, it is possible to create visuals much faster. And if a change of any kind is required, it can be made by adjusting the existing content rather than going for a reshoot and starting all over again. 


5# Boosts Conversion Rate

The use of animation to advertise a product or service can help boost your conversion rate. According to research, consumers are 100% more likely to spend more time on a website that has video content and 64% are likely to take action after they’ve watched it. So, if you post an animated video on the website that explains your product or service in a way that’s simple, relatable and fun, the consumers would watch it till the end. This would educate them about your product/service and help you get your message across. Adding a call of action towards the end of the animated video is a great tactic to drive further action.