Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

You Should Know Basics of Plasma Cutting System

You Should Know Basics of Plasma Cutting System

The fast progress in many techs has made machines go down, and many people can afford them related to 50 years ago. Machine developers and engineers are now creating less compact tools that used to be fixed. Among these tools are plasma cutters that are generally used for cutting and weld conductive metals. In this post, we are examining the different plasma cutting systems. We will recognize some of the plasma cutters’ aspects: the various kinds of plasma cutting systems and their uses. We will also look at their advantages related to metal cutting techniques.

What is Plasma Cutting Systems?

Cutting metals needs accuracy and skill to give high-quality goods and cuts. The purpose of plasma cutters is favored over other metal cutting methods because it makes clean cuts and polished working parts. A constricting hole is used to pass into jets of high speed ionized gas in plasma cutting. This gas is what we call plasma. Matter is available in four times at a point. It can either be solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. This type of gas carries electricity and can melt various conductive metals. Using a plasma cutter gives a clean-cut because the high-velocity jet flows the molten metal away.

Plasma Cutting Process

Plasma cutting is the quickest cutting method on carbon steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Plasma cutting can be linked with waterjet on the same part.

Plasma cutting can be used for accuracy cutting on gauge material up to 6″ thick stainless. 

Which Kind of Metals are Cut with Plasma Cutter?

If you are using the plasma cutting method, then the best metals hold steel or ferrous metals less than 1 inch thick. Cutting metal using the oxyfuel method needs the worker to be careful in managing the cutting speed. This helps to keep the oxidizing way. Since plasma cutting doesn’t want oxidizing, there is no need to manage the cutting speed. In cutting grown metal, plasma excels oxyfuel. Using a plasma cutter is much quicker related to cutting metal automatically. It also allows the worker to cut bent or non-linear cuts easily.

Limitations of Plasma Cutting

Using plasma cutters is more costly. Another aspect of oxyacetylene is that it doesn’t require compressed air or power to run or cut metal. To many users, this metal cutting process is more suitable than plasma cutting. If the worker is dealing with workpieces that are one and above, then the best form will be oxyfuel. Like we stated earlier, plasma cutting works best when cutting thinner parts of metals.

Factors to View Before Buying a Plasma Cutter

If you feel like a plasma cutter is what you need to do a project or build a metal goods, you must examine these factors.

The Metal Thickness

Before going to the store to buy a plasma cutter, you need to analyze the metal thickness you will deal with most of the time. Most companies will consider the cutting power sources of the plasma cutter amperage and cutting facility. The worker should analyze a plasma cutter with a lower amperage. The cut’s quality will decrease when you use a smaller plasma cutter to cut a thick workpiece.

Taking a Plasma Cutter’s Output Power

The output power of a plasma cutter will discover what it can cut. For case, 12 amps of output energy from a 120V machine will be able to cut most 1/8 inch metal. There are also inverter-based plasma cutters that give high cutting output power yet weigh much less than usual cutting machines that provide the same cutting ability.

Picking a Plasma Cutter’s Cutting Speed

The cutting rate for plasma cutters is typically seen as Inches Per Minute. Your workflow and services will discover what you need, but keep in mind that while two plasma cutters may be able to cut through a 1/2 inch of metal, one may cut into the metal in a minute, while the other could take as long as four or five if it has a slow cutting speed. Picking a machine with the right cutting rate can make the variation between a safe investment and a drop in your productivity.

What Else to View for a Plasma Cutter

As with any massive part of machinery, it’s vital to test out a plasma cutter or make sure the producer offers an adequate return system if the edge does not live up to its words. A strong guaranty will also assure your purchase of a new cutting system will provide quality for the long term.


Plasma cutting gives high-quality cuts that fit industry norms. Related to oxyfuel, it gives a much cleaner finishing, and it is also used to cut metals that oxyfuel cannot cut aptly. The downside of plasma cutting is that it needs much power to work and cut metal. Before deciding which plasma cutter to use, consult your operator first.