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Do You Want to Select the Right Wax for Your Candles?

High-quality materials, a lot of testing, and an eagerness to learn are all necessary for producing superb candles. And of course, to enjoy yourself while manufacturing candles! Making the appropriate choice of wax is important for creating a good candle, but with so many wax options on the market, it can be challenging.

Aussie Candle Supplies can offer a comprehensive range of candle making equipment like:

  • Natural soy waxes
  • Candle waxes
  • Fragrances
  • Dyes
  • Candle glassware.

Let us examine the most popular candle waxes.


Soy Wax

Starting with soybeans from which the oil is extracted, soy wax is created. This oil is subsequently refined to create pure soybean oil, which is then transformed into a solid through a process known as “hydrogenation.”

To give the waxes their unmatched qualities and performances, a little amount of vegetable botanical oils could be added, depending on the combination. These chemicals are prepared with extreme care for confidentiality under close monitoring. The precise ingredients are only known by a small group of people.

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Palm Wax

All of the palm waxes are non-GM, made entirely of palm oil, natural, and eco-friendly. Palm wax creates an incredible pattern of crystal structures as it solidifies.

One of the hardest natural waxes, it transports well in all climates and can withstand a high fragrance load to improve smell throw, making it perfect for free-standing pillar candles. Here are some advantages of utilizing palm wax:

  • It burns efficiently and clean with no soot
  • It is non-toxic and may not contains any harmful petrochemicals
  • The flame is bright
  • It holds its fragrance
  • It has got a long and steady burning time, and it is smokeless
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It is a harder wax that will withstand hot temperatures without going soft or melting


Paraffin Wax

It is a scentless, white hydrocarbon wax. By its melting points, it is categorized. For instance, paraffin wax is 50–58⁰C or 60–62⁰C. In contrast to soy wax, it is simple to handle and has good color and fragrance retention.

Additionally, it is an affordable and dependable wax that is primarily used for pillar and molded candles. For a highly perfumed candle, paraffin wax and soy wax can also be combined.


Jelly Wax

A soft, transparent wax with a “jelly-like” consistency that is also known as gel wax is used to make beautiful container candles. Make a range of candles with unique effects by using your creativity!

Add seashells and sand to a candle with a beach theme, or add dried fruit and cinnamon sticks to a candle with a kitchen theme. For a romantic appearance, try putting dried flowers in the jelly wax.



It is a golden-coloured, eco-friendly wax that is made entirely of natural ingredients. This South Australian beeswax is the purest, best-quality wax, triple-filtered.

Perfect wax for producing all kinds of natural candles! various molded candles, such as melts, tarts, votives, and pillars. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other perfumes because of its inherently sweet and honey scent. Additionally, body butter, cosmetics, and lip balms all include beeswax.