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10 Best Tips for Creating Luxury and Modern Interior Design

Everyone dreams of having a luxurious home but our budgets don’t always allow for palatial villas with plunge pools. You may have a compact apartment in the city but with some clever design inputs, you can make your space loom just as luxurious. If you ask an interior designer modern styles can be easily elevated to look plush. So, here are a few tips to help you out.

Open Plans

Space is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of luxury. So, try and maximize the feeling of openness in your home. An open floor plan is ideal. Walls not only break the visual but also take up floor space. By breaking them down, you’ll gain a foot or two. If you want to distinguish between spaces without walls, consider playing with your floor and ceiling levels.


Invest in Quality

Luxury is synonymous with quality. So, whether you’re buying something big or small  always shop from brands that offer assured quality. Poor quality tiles may look just as good as branded tiles initially but within a few weeks they may start to crack and discolor. It would be more cost effective and your home will get a better finish if you choose to make a smart investment at the initial stages.


Easy Maintenance

A clean home looks naturally luxurious. Thus, you need to pick pieces that not only look good but are easy to keep clean. A solid piece of furniture with a polished finish is easy to keep looking brand new while a carved piece may get dust in the niches and start to look grubby. Also, try to ensure that the pieces do not have any nicks or structural defects.


Muted Colors

Bright colors look energetic but they also tend to look frivolous – especially if they are overdone. For a luxurious, mature look, choose a muter color story with neutrals and pastels. Introduce pops of color to brighten the space without taking away from the luxe appeal. You could also consider introducing metallic finishes such as a matte rose gold or a dark carbon steel.


Lots of Natural Light

Large windows that let the natural light flood your home make it look bigger and brighter. Now, we know that bigger spaces are naturally associated with luxury décor so it’s easy to see how natural light makes your home look more luxurious. Of course, you will still need artificial lighting as well. Creates layers of lighting with ambient lights as well as task lighting and statement pieces.


Natural tones and textures

Luxury is all about celebrating natural materials and finishes. Avoid synthetic upholstery and instead pick lights linens, rich velvet, etc. If you like the leather look, make sure you invest in pure leather or high quality leatherette. Don’t pick cheap materials as they will not have a long lifespan and will soon begin to show signs of wear and tear.


Statement Pieces

As you’d be told by any interior design cost, modern or classical; you don’t need a lot of décor pieces, you need just a few statement worthy pieces. For example, don’t clutter your wall up with dozens of small frames. Instead, use large frames to create an impact. You’ll be amazed at the difference changing the size and number of frames can make. Similarly, when you’re dressing a coffee table, pick a single impressive sculptural piece or bring an assortment of décor pieces together on a tray.


Soft Textures

Textures are critical to making your home look warmer. This also give sit a clean, modern edge. Choose fabrics that look and feel soft to touch. Similarly, prioritize smooth finishes over uneven textures. Avoid finishes such a thrown concrete finish or an exposed brick finish on walls and pick a smooth, even texture. Similarly, pick soft lights over hard lights to make the room appear warmer.


Think Green

There’s nothing like a vibrant, green plant to add life to a room. Plants are inexpensive and a great way to make your home appear luxurious. Think tall areca palms, velvety monster climbers, flowering geraniums and maybe even hanging planters overflowing with the common pothos. Plants can be placed in any room from the bathroom and the kitchen to your living room.


Keep things Organized

Lastly, keep everything organized. A clean home is a beautiful one. Find a spot to keep all the little things – every day glasses and crockery, spare linen and even day-old  newspapers. When everything has a space to fit it, your home will be more organized and clutter-free. The result – it’ll look more appealing too.

Whether you’re designing your home independently or working with an interior designer, modern, luxurious spaces aren’t all that hard to create. Follow these tips and you’ll be closer to living in the home of your dreams without crossing your budget. Are you ready to get started?