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Unleash Your Creativity: Design Your Running Shirt

Jogging is an inexpensive way to stay fit and active. Having the right gear will help improve your performance on the track. However, have you ever thought of making your own training gear and apparel? Creating sporting gear allows you to explore your creative side and blend it with your style.

Custom-branded apparel can be used for various activities. In most cases, they are used for marketing products and brands. The shirts can also be used to spread awareness for good causes within your community. 


Why Design Your Running Shirt?

You can use your love for running to spread positivity and encourage others to adopt an active lifestyle. Your custom running shirt can feature logos from your business or sponsors. You can also add messages of motivation and empowerment on the back and front of the jersey.

As mentioned, you also get a chance to express your style while on the track. Sometimes, finding sporting apparel matching your style and fashion preferences can be challenging. Designing your own allows you to stamp your ideas on how you want to look while chasing those fitness goals.


How to Get Started

Making a running shirt can be an exciting process with its fair share of challenges. Before anything else, take your time and work on the theme. What colors, font types, patterns, and graphics do you want? Experiment with different layouts and elements until you’re satisfied with the result.

Most of the design sketches can be done on paper or a laptop using a graphics design app. You can borrow design ideas from existing custom-branded running jerseys available at The Charity Clothing Company. You can also bring a fashion designer on board to help you fine-tune the designs for a more professional look.


Choose the Right Material

The quality of the build will depend on the material used. Performance is a relevant issue when designing sporting apparel. A high-performance material will elevate your performance and confidence levels on the running track.

Cotton, polyester, and synthetic fabric blends are common materials used for making sporting shirts. Ensure that the material you choose has the best moisture-wicking and breathability properties. This will allow your skin to stay cool and dry, even when running in the hot summer sun.

Also, ensure that the size measurements are done correctly. Fits that are too tight can cause discomfort in your groin, armpit, and neck regions. Comfort and functionality are paramount when it comes to athletic apparel.


Find a Manufacturer

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can design and sew the shirts yourself using YouTube tutorials. However, you can also find a manufacturer in your city or town to make the shirts for you. Ensure that you do enough background research on the manufacturer before hiring them.

Read reviews and customer testimonials to learn more about the manufacturer’s work ethic, professionalism, and quality of service. Also, don’t forget to ask for a quote from different manufacturers.

Evaluate the costs and go with the one closest to your budget. However, don’t go for the cheapest to save on production costs. Cheap service can be in exchange of poor craftsmanship. Some manufacturers offer free in-house design services. This can be a plus if you don’t have enough money to hire a professional fashion designer.


Summing Up

Designing your running shirt is not just about the finished product, it’s about the journey of creation itself. Custom-branded running gear will also help you stand out from the crowd. The shirts can also be thoughtful presents or gifts for family and friends.

Moreover, it is a creative way of advertising your business or spreading awareness for good causes in your community.