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10 Best Tips on How to Make Your Skin Naturally Glow

10 Best Tips on How to Make Your Skin Naturally Glow

Everyone wants naturally beautiful skin. And we spend a lot of money on buying expensive skin care products to get this beautiful skin. That’s fairly understandable because the skin is the largest living organ of the human body. As a matter of fact, the skin performs several vital functions, some of which we don’t even realize unless it’s too late.

So, how would you make your skin naturally beautiful? This is the million-dollar question that I will discuss in detail with this article. But first, let’s begin by understanding why skincare is very essential and why you should care for your skin.


Reasons Why Skin Care is Important

As I mentioned earlier, our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. In fact, our skin consists of three different parts: the epidermis, dermis and subcutis. Then there are layers that form these different parts of the skin too. When we can clearly see how complex skin is, it is natural to ask how to care for dry skin.

Because the skin performs several vital functions. These include:

  • The skin is our largest sensory organ and gives the sense of touch and temperature, among others.
  • A skin forms a protective cover over our internal organs and prevents damage to them from pollution, injuries, harmful Ultraviolet and Infrared rays.
  • It regulates body temperature.
  • Pores on the skin excrete liquids in the form of sweat.
  • Skin is part of our respiratory system too.
  • The skin produces Vitamin D

The skin is also a self-repairing organ. It sheds dead skin cells automatically. And that’s the reason we tend to ignore our skin. As a result, our skin can become dry and flaky or oily and riddled with pimples or acne. Prolonged neglect can lead to skin disease including ringworms and fungal infections.

These reasons make skincare very important for all humans. While we do take care of our skin in various ways, they might not afford us that natural, beautiful look. Therefore, here’re the 10 best tips on how to make your skin naturally beautiful.


Top 10 Tips to Make Your Skin Naturally Beautiful

These top 10 tips to make your skin naturally beautiful are time tested and proven. You can use them safely. All it requires is some effort. These efforts will be worthwhile because you can get glowing and fresh-looking skin.


1)- Sleep Well Everyday

Sleep is very important for the wellness of our skin. In fact, lack of sleep leads to the skin looking tired, droopy and dry. Until a few decades ago, nobody knew the relation between proper or a good night’s sleep and its effect on our skin.

Good, restful sleep allows the skin to repair itself. During this time, it sheds a lot of dead cells that build up during the day. Furthermore, sleep allows the skin to get the much-needed oxygen both, from our blood supply and respiratory processes of the skin itself.

Furthermore, the skin gets an opportunity to draw larger quantities of water from our blood during sleep. That’s the reason, getting proper, restful sleep is the first tip that I can provide if you want naturally beautiful and glowing skin.


2)- Drink Lots of Fluids

This might come as a surprise. That despite the skin being the largest organ of the human body, it is the last one to get water or fluids from our blood. That’s because the blood supplies water to other body organs first. This can lead to severe skin problems, especially dry skin.

The skin is also the last organ of the body to get nutrients. This can leave our skin looking tired and unhealthy. The best way to make your skin naturally beautiful is therefore, rather simple. Consume a lot of fluids, especially water and fruit juices during the day.

The more fluids you consume, the better for your skin. Keeping the skin hydrated is simple but very essential: waste products such as uric acid and other toxins tend to develop under the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin. These can be drained away through sweat only when we drink enough fluids.


3)- Consume High Protein Foods

Alongside water, one more tip I can provide is to consume foods there are rich in protein. A lot of dermatologists suggest half-boiled eggs for skincare. But if you’re a vegetarian, you could have chickpeas or soybeans in your diet to ensure that your skin gets the required quantum of proteins.

Proteins are very important because they constitute the bulk of two vital components of our skin- collagen and elastin. And these require protein in fairly high volumes. According to, collagen gives the skin its elasticity, strength and structure. The lack of collagen can lead to severe wrinkles, especially in the neck region, as well as aggravate black lips from smoking.

Elastin is said to be 1,000 more elastic than collagen. This is also a body protein responsible for the strength and elasticity of our skin. And to maintain elastin too, we require a high protein diet. When you care for both, elastin and collagen, you’ll have glowing, smooth and supple skin which would be relatively wrinkle-free even as you age.


4)- Have a Shower/ Bath Daily

The skin by itself is host to countless microbes. They live on our skin and also benefit the skin in different ways. At the same time, there’re other microbes that can prove harmful. Therefore, the best way to get rid of these microbes is to have a shower or bath at least once daily. Use tepid water instead of scalding hot or cold water. That’s because tepid water helps in washing away unnecessary oil and oily waste that accumulates on the epidermis.

Nowadays, high pollution levels also affect our skin. This can cause severe damage to the epidermis. When we have a shower or bath, these pollutants that have settled on the skin can be washed away. Often, these pollutants are chemicals and hence, they can cause permanent harm to our skin if left unwashed.

Showering or bathing also gets rid of any fungal growth on the skin. Fungal growth can lead to irritation and itching. This can prove very embarrassing in public places and even at home. And worse, these fungal infections can spread rapidly within a closed space such as a home or office. Therefore, washing your skin- meaning showering or bathing daily- can prevent fungal infections.


5)- Limit Use of Facewash

So far, we’ve spoken about skin as an entire component of the body. Now let’s discuss a bit about the most sensitive part of the body- our face. The face is something that gives you a character and personality. And everyone wants a beautiful face. This means, having beautiful facial skin too. But more than just beauty, the face is a very vital part of our body. Because it carries all the five sensory organs- eyes, ears, nose, tongue and of course, the skin.

Nowadays, there’s this trend of using facewash cremes and lotions for cleaning the face. I’m not against facewash use. However, excessive use of facewash can prove harmful to your facial skin. That’s because facewashes come laden with chemicals that wash away natural oils created by your body to protect this sensitive part.

Using facewashes is fine if you do it once a day. They actually help your face to get rid of excessive oils, unwanted microbes and pollutants that settle during the day. But excessive use can lead to dry skins which translate later as facial wrinkles. If you’re keen on using a facewash, go for the ones that are made of natural products such as Aloe Vera, Sandalwood extracts and other such stuff.


6)- Use Natural Ingredients for Skincare

There’re a lot of home solutions for taking care of your skin. The first one that comes to my mind is milk cream. This is an excellent moisturizer by its own merit. You can safely apply unsweetened milk cream or even yoghurt to your skin as a moisturizer.

The second home solution I would recommend is using extra virgin or virgin coconut oil. However, if you’ll be using virgin coconut oil, ensure that it is hand-pressed and doesn’t contain any chemicals. Commercially available coconut oils can contain traces of bleach and other chemicals.

Using Curcuma (turmeric) paste is also a superb skincare solution you could try easily at home. This is recommended for persons with moderately oily skin. The Curcuma paste made with water or even milk or yoghurt, helps in absorbing excessive oil while restoring natural balance to your skin.


7)- Use Moisturizers with Natural Ingredients

While milk cream and yoghurt can work as moisturizers, you could also opt for a superb moisturizing lotion or crème available online and offline. My personal favorite is a crème from an Indian firm that contains cocoa butter. Because cocoa butter helps reduce the occurrence of fine lines that leads to the development of wrinkles.

Also, if you’re going for a moisturizer, use one that’s made with a lot of natural ingredients. There’re superb moisturizers made with Aloe Vera and Sandalwood, walnut and almond extract, curcumin and other such ingredients.

While I’m not against moisturizers made with artificial ingredients, there’s one thing to bear in mind. If you’re using an artificial, chemical-based moisturizer, make sure it matches your skin type. That means avoiding foreign-made ones, because they’re not made for Indian skin types.


8)- Avoid or Reduce Smoking and Alcohol

While small quantities of alcohol are actually good for your skin and make it naturally beautiful, excessive liquor consumption can damage it severely. This holds true for both, women and men. Small quantities of alcohol actually trigger something known as superficial vasodilation. This means, alcohol causes the capillaries on your skin to enlarge.

This translates directly as an increase in blood supply to your skin. Superficial vasodilation can help your internal skin to rid itself of toxins such as uric acid and oil. However, alcohol in excess has a tendency to dehydrate the body and the impact can be clearly visible on our skin.

Smoking is an altogether no-no if you want to make your skin naturally beautiful. Nicotine in tobacco can harm your skin and make it look dull and lifeless. Second-hand smoke also is detrimental to your skin and its glowing appearance.


9)- Apply Sunscreen Lotions Daily

Regardless of whether you’re going out in sunlight or staying at home, I suggest you use a sunscreen lotion daily. That’s because a superb quality sunscreen lotion can protect you against pollutants and other external hazards to your skin. The best way to buy a sunscreen lotion is by checking the manufacturer and the Sun Protection Factor (SPF). I’ll explain further on.

Indian companies make sunscreen lotions that are suitable for the amount of sunshine we receive in this country. Hence, their SPF is higher than foreign ones. The Sun Protection Factor indicates how long you can remain in sun without ultraviolet and infrared rays harming your skin. For example, SPF-30 means you can face sunlight or artificial light for as long as 15 hours, after wearing the sunscreen lotion.

For indoor use, use a sunscreen lotion with a smaller SPF such as SPF-5 or SPF-7. And for outdoor use, you could opt for SPF-15 or even the sunblock type SPF-30. Sunscreen lotions and creams not only protect your skin against harmful solar radiation but also keep common pollutants at bay. That’s because a good sunscreen lotion will form a protective layer on your skin, repair it from within and keep your skin naturally beautiful.


10)- Shun Anti-Perspirant Sprays and Lotions

A lot of us could be using antiperspirant sprays, especially deodorants and lotions. That’s because of the hot and humid weather that prevails in India which makes us sweat a lot. However, medical science proves that such antiperspirant sprays and lotions are harmful to the skin in general.

Antiperspirant cremes and sprays come with fine particles of talcum. When we use these on our skin, the talc particles block our skin pores that perform the vital tasks of respiration and perspiration.

This automatically translates as unhealthy skin. Worse, you could suffer from acne, pimples and other boils all over the body because of clogged skin pores. One way to get rid of these talc powders is using a good soap, preferably those with glycerin while showering or bathing. However, avoiding anything that blocks skin pores and leads to problems is the best solution.


In Conclusion

These 10 tips that I’ve written about don’t deal merely with your facial skin. Instead, these are for the entire skin on your body. It’s worth remembering that naturally, beautiful skin doesn’t mean only your face. In fact, it implies beautiful and natural skin all over the body. Therefore, you can start trying these methods right away to enjoy naturally beautiful skin.