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Effective Skin Care Tips for Pre and Post Holiday Trip

Effective Skin Care Tips for Pre and Post Holiday Trip

While 2020 kept us indoors due to COVID-19, many would be tempted to scour through the packages and book one. You’d probably have the bucket list of must-do travel experiences. What better time than now? With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, the holiday trip just got more feasible. Well, you must have planned the destination, budget, hotel, everything, but have you given a thought to your skincare regime?

It might be worth considering your pre-travel grooming too because prevention is always a better option. Additionally, looking after your skin post-holiday is just as important as watching over for a pre-holiday trip. So, if you desire to have glorious skin pre-and post-holiday trip, then you’ve landed at the right place. Here, we’ll be sharing effective skincare tips that’ll help you pamper your skin.

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Skin Care Regime for Pre-Holiday Trip:

To avoid last-minute anxiety, follow our handy tips and get beautiful-looking skin before the trip.

One Month Before:

Do oral health check-up

Before you take a flight, it’s essential to visit your dentist. Those who wear dentures may need some adjusting and new dentures can take at least a month to get a knack of it. So, make yourself comfortable before the trip. Also, if you have oral health issues, for instance, problems in crunching, then you should pack your Fixodent to taste delicious crunchy food.

Touch up your hair colour

The sun exposure and chlorine in the pool can damage your hair during the trip itself. So, touch up your hair colour well in advance for your journey. Many wait to dye their hair for the last minute; however, that would lighten your hair colour, and you could end up wasting your money. Additionally, keep a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner in your beauty kit to maintain your look throughout your vacation.


Two Weeks Before:


A Toronto Dermatologist recommends exfoliating on a regular basis. However, when you plan for a vacation, it becomes more important to do it. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin fresher and prepared for the pool. Therefore, start it two weeks before because the skin will be in good condition by the time you dive into chlorine water. Keep a target of exfoliating twice a week, but if you have sensitive skin, then do it thrice.

Stock up your products

The last-minute rush for sorting your beauty products may lead to disappointments. Therefore, stock up your sun protection cream, insect repellent, and all other essentials skin care products for traveling two weeks before. Furthermore, don’t be dependent on the half bottle of moisturiser; it may lead to its shortage. For lipsticks, it’s great to choose the colours based on your clothes to avoid last-minute regrets.


A Week Before:

Get a new haircut

While it’s significant to get a hair colour a month before, you should get a new haircut just a week before. It is because split ends are unsafe under the sun. A haircut just a few days before your trip will keep your hair in a good condition and also prepare your hair for the temperature change.

Tint your eyelashes

A dip in a pool can even spread your waterproof mascara and give you panda eyes. So, why not try to tint your eyelashes before the trip? It will provide you darker eyelashes for up to four weeks without any products. Plus, you don’t have to take stress about smudging while diving into a pool.

Shape your eyebrows

Clean and shaped eyebrows can lift your face and make your look beautiful. So, have them threaded and tinted to get well-defined eyebrows before your trip. Similar to the haircut, you should colour your eyebrows a week before to prevent bleaching due to the sun.


A Day Before:

Get manicure and pedicure

Book your manicure and pedicure treatment a day before your trip. To have long-lasting nails during the trip, pick gel nails instead of painting them yourself. Additionally, keep your nails short to prevent breakage. On the other hand, a pedicure will help you deal with your cracked heels before you slip on your flip-flops.

Wear face masks

Exposure to UV rays can damage your skin during the trip, so get some hydrating masks for your face. Deep conditioning will keep your tresses in good condition.

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Skin Care Regime for Post-Holiday Trip:

The trip may leave your skin look a little worse for wear. So, to give your skin a little relief, follow the below-given tips and get your skin’s former glory back.

Clean and hydrate:

The first thing you should do without fail is clean the accumulated dirt and grime from your face. So, put it down on your priority list and elevate your skin by cleansing every morning and night. The second most important thing is having lots of water. Just like when you’re on holidays, staying hydrated is also a primary post-holiday skincare tip. So, intake at least 2 to 3 liters of water in a day.

Mask on:

Flight travel can seemingly leave never-ending stress on your skin. However, there are plenty of masks available in the market to target individual skin concerns. So, based on the type of your skin and skin problem, purchase a face mask to put on your face. Or else, you can absolutely go for a homemade mask. So, use apricot seeds along with other natural ingredients and scrub them all over your face every morning.


As we grow old, our skin slows down the natural process of shedding dead cells. This results in skin looking dull. Additionally, vacation can make your skin tanner, allowing your skin to lose its complexion. Exfoliating after the trip will reveal your radiant-looking skin. However, don’t exfoliate more; just once a week is enough. You can even nourish your skin with spa treatments and drench your pores with moisture for instant suppleness.

Warm bath:

Along with your skin, your body also may get tired of traveling. So, soak your body in warm water and put the relax mode on. Also, some studies recommend that stress can cause great damage to your complexions, worsening the existing skin issues. Therefore, you need to calm things down. This is only possible when you have a warm bath listening to some soft music.

Good sleep schedule:

Vacation is all about staying up late at night, enjoying and roaming around. All these things take a toll on your skin. However, post-holiday is a time to get back to your normal routine. Take at least eight hours of sleep after doing your night-time skincare.

Happy Mind, Healthy Skin!

Stress just doesn’t make you feel sad, it can actually irritate your skin too. So, during pre-and post-holiday, it’s very essential to relax your mind and body along with following the above-listed skincare regime. So, drink a lot of water and meditate as much as possible to get good skin. Every website page on Google will share the same tips for healthy skin.