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10 Impeccable Designs To Make Your Wedding Invitation Boxes Top Tier

There is no doubt that almost everyone wishes for their weddings to be one of the most memorable days of their life. The same is the case with wedding invitation boxes. People across the globe spend thousands of dollars on the “perfect wedding invitation boxes”. The purpose is to get a beautiful card that makes their day even special. So if you are about to get married, this blog is for you. Read below to learn about different designs to make your custom invitation boxes exquisite.

  • Vintage Wedding Invitations

Has vintage ever gone out of fashion? Not really! So if you have a thing for articulate vintage boxes, this one is for you. You can choose a vintage theme for your wedding and match the boxes. Moreover, if you plan to get married in cultural yet historical places, these are for you. However, you can choose the designs as per your convenience and colour scheme.

You can print luxe couples, rings, abnormal fonts and formal lettering to make the cards look enthralling. Keep in mind that the vintage theme works on the “less is more” philosophy.


  • Floral Wedding Invitations

Who doesn’t like a wedding invitation box full of floral designs? Everyone does! Thus, set the floral theme in contrast with your wedding. If you have a white themed British wedding, use cyan flowers or daisies as a perfect fit. You can also use synthetic white rose or lilies too. The idea is to go simple yet elegant.

Moreover, you can also think of using colorful floral prints on your cards with orchids, roses, sunflowers, or any flower you love. You can also get bouquets of your favorite flowers printed on the invitation boxes.


  • Modern Wedding Invitations:

A modern invitation is chic and elegant. So you have to keep in mind, a modern invitation box can have chocolates, flowers, bows, ribbons, and so much glitter. Along with that, the modern wedding invitation boxes wholesale have to scream the word “modern” when anyone has a glimpse of them. Using an aesthetic patchwork with vibrant colors and dim coats is always a classic for modern boxes.

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  • Lace Wedding Invitations

Just like your dress is all laced up, you can lace up your invitation boxes too! A lace wedding dress has “hot” written all over it. So to keep up with such a hot mess, it is essential to have boxes that are up to the mark.

It is on you to use the lace creatively. You can use it to make bows or by covering the kraft with lace entirely. It will add to the appeal of your boxes and make them intricate.


  • Letterpress Wedding Invitations

A classic wedding card with “lettering” all over it has always been a hit! So you can get such boxes customised. The idea is to focus on the lettering only. You can use minimal designs to add color to the boxes. However, classic black lettering Is all you need to get your acquaintances hooked to your wedding card details.


  • Unique Wedding Invitations

Since unique emphasises on being creative, it is big brain time. The unique wedding invitation boxes are all about attention to detail and creativity. It is so because uniqueness makes you stand out. For instance, you can print a couple of dresses on the boxes, add panels, flip flops, over piece die-cutting, and so much more.


  • Water Color Wedding Invitations

A handmade watercolors invitation box is always better than a posh one, isn’t it? Therefore, if you want to go simple on your wedding, get your nieces and nephews to work. Ask them to paint the cards freely, and you can do the rest of the detailing. No doubt, everyone will fall in love with such cute wedding invitation card boxes.


  • Beach Wedding Invitations

If you plan on having a beach wedding, these are perfect for you. A theme with all the watercolor’s in it, with classy pearls all over, is a win-win for sure. Make sure your custom invitation boxes stand out and thrill your friends and family.


  • Black & White Wedding Invitations

Black and white invitation boxes are retro but still classy! Hence, if you want a passé invitation box, white and black is the perfect theme for you. Put in all the details you wish to, but the theme must be classic black and white. Bring back old times!


  • Custom Wedding Invitations

Nonetheless, if you still did not find the right wedding invitation theme for yourself, get custom made invitation boxes wholesale right away. Play with colors, themes, prints, cuts and designs to make top-notch boxes. It is never “so much colour” or “too dull” when you are the designer yourself.