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10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Group Term Life Insurance Plan

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Group Term Life Insurance Plan

Purchasing group term life insurance can be a smart move for many businesses or organizations. It’s a benefit that not only adds value to your team’s compensation package but also offers a layer of financial protection for them and their families. But before you sign the dotted line, there are important questions to consider. Let’s explore these ten essential queries to ask when buying a group term life insurance plan, especially tailored for the Indian audience.

1. What Does the Coverage Include?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand what your group term life insurance plan covers. Generally, these plans provide a payout in the event of a policyholder’s death during the term of the policy. However, the specifics can vary between different insurance providers and plans. Therefore, understanding the fine print is critical.


2. What is the Cost of Premiums?

The next question to consider is the cost. How much will the premium be for each employee? Remember, the cost of group term life insurance is usually lower than individual policies because the risk is spread over a larger number of people. But, it’s still important to ensure the premiums align with your organization’s budget.


3. How Much Coverage is Sufficient?

Determining the right amount of coverage is an essential factor to consider. The coverage amount should be sufficient to support the policyholder’s family in their absence. Typically, many experts suggest a coverage amount of about 10-15 times the policyholder’s annual income.


4. Are there any Exclusions?

All insurance policies come with certain exclusions, and group term life insurance is no exception. Exclusions might include specific causes of death, such as those related to pre-existing conditions or hazardous activities. Ensure you’re clear about what’s not covered before you proceed.


5. Is There a Waiting Period?

Some group term life insurance plans may have a waiting period before the coverage actually begins. It’s essential to know this upfront to manage expectations and ensure seamless coverage.


6. Can Employees Increase Their Coverage?

In some cases, employees may want to increase their coverage beyond what the group term life insurance plan offers. It’s worth checking if your chosen plan allows for this, and if so, how the additional premiums are handled.

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7. Is the Plan Portable?

Portability refers to whether or not an employee can keep their coverage if they leave your company. If your plan is portable, employees can convert their group term life insurance into an individual policy when they leave.


8. Are Add-Ons or Riders Available?

Add-ons or riders are additional benefits you can attach to the base policy for more comprehensive coverage. Common riders include accidental death benefit, critical illness, and disability riders. Therefore, you should ask if these are available and consider whether they are beneficial for your group.


9. How are Claims Handled?

An efficient and empathetic claims process is crucial when dealing with the emotional fallout of a loved one’s death. Ask about the insurer’s claims process, including the paperwork involved and the usual timeline for settling claims.


10. What are the Tax Benefits?

In India, group term life insurance comes with tax benefits under the Income Tax Act. However, these can be complex and change from time to time, so it’s wise to understand the current tax advantages when buying a policy from corporate health insurance providers.

Choosing a group term life insurance plan for your employees or group members is a significant decision. By asking these ten questions, you can ensure that you select a plan that provides the best possible coverage for your team, at a price that fits your budget. And remember, your due diligence today will create a safer, more secure tomorrow for the entire group.