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5 Best Ways to Stay Active During Work From Home

Work from home became a new ritual after the pandemic hit the world. Initially, work from home was like a dream to all of us where we could avoid the struggle of the long journey, rush hour, asking our seniors for programming help, and most importantly, getting up early. But eventually, with the COVID-19, this became a reality in our life. Going to the office from home and heading to the gym on the way home seems like an ancient story to us. Working from home had made us spend more time sitting down.

At first, working from home seemed like the best way to accomplish all great personal habits or work on an extra skill-set. But then reality steps in. When no one is watching over our necks, and all favourite Netflix shows and snacks are close to us, we eventually give in to our desires. All sorts of distractions added up to the lifestyle, leaving all the healthy habits behind. All the family time, laundry time got replaced by screen time.

It will not be wrong to say that work from home have left many people crippled as they would spend their entire day at the desk without moving more than a few feet except for bathroom and lunch breaks. This leaves them feeling unhealthy and loss of energy. I was among those people, and that is why I know this so well. It was making me feel less productive and low energy. So I had to do something about it, and thus I have tried these tips that helped me a lot. Try these if you are also tired of the lifestyle you are leading in your work from home days.

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1)- Be the Boss in your Life

You no longer have to waste any more time beyond office hours since you are not travelling anymore. This extra time will be valuable if only appropriately utilized. These window opportunities are perfect for fulfilling your work goals. You can start working out, get a diet in line, upgrade your skills or do freelance. Build a schedule where you itemize whatever you want to achieve next week or month, and then schedule your time accordingly.


2)- Buy Workout Gears

Gyms are shut down due to the pandemic, and thus so are your workout hours. Do you want all the sweat you have shed in the gym to go to waste? If not, then continue your workout sessions. Freehand workouts can easily be done, but for building strength, some gears are needed. Of course, it is not possible to buy all heavy gym equipment, but workout gears can prove helpful, like skipping rope, mat, resistance bands, weights, or a stability ball. Using this equipment, you can do some incredible workouts and even strength training and cardio. You will be able to work out your muscles in a new way. It will help you with keeping the weight loss or muscle gains goings.


3)- Get up Every Hour

It is not healthy to be sedentary for long hours. Despite working out on the day, sitting at a desk can still cause heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. The best way to escape this is by setting a timer that reminds you to get up and move for a few minutes every hour. Some apps and smartwatches ring and prompt you to start walking. Just doing quick squats or jumping jacks will be enough to boost energy and get your heart pumping.


4)- Join an Online Exercise Class

If you need someone to push you to do five more pushups when you are about to give up, joining an online exercise class will be the best idea. This is the perfect option if you are missing the gym. It might not be as effective as going to gyms, but it will surely get you moving. You will have to pay monthly to get access to several workout videos and other health-related coaches. You can also join live classes where teachers lead the session in real time. Zumba is also another great option to stay fit.


5)- Practice Time Blocking

Be determined to complete your work on time to give your time to other things in your life. It is easy to get into a work mode that inhibits exercise. That is why the practice of time blocking is so necessary. It will be like a reminder telling you that you need breaks. Use the break to go for a walk, eat a healthy snack or just clear your mind. This will help your break overexertion and ruts, which may diminish later in the day.


6)- Have Fun and Experiment

Make sure to burn those calories that you have gained through pizzas. If exercises seem monotonous, try experimenting with dancing. You can try martial arts or kickboxing. Refer to YouTube or TV for instructions on this. Reels are also a great way to have some fun. You will be moving your body and also having fun at the same time. What can be better than this?



You will never put your client meeting on hold, so why do the same with your exercises? Our lifestyle might have changed, but that does not mean we lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Do not let your work take over your entire life. Stop getting lazy and start working out those muscles by dancing or whatever physical activities you like.