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World’s 6 Best Adventure Travel Trips

Adventure travel trips are well known among thousands of Europeans and Americans. there are millions of places where travel tourists wander every season to find great adventure and inner travel peace they crave for. Here are the top 6 adventure travel trips that you can take for an incredible experience for life time.

1. Scandinavia by Sled:

Sledding is one of the most thrilling adventures for travelers. Make your trip adventurous by taking a sled dog adventure. On the way, you will pass over the old traveler’s route, traditional settlements, and river edges with a beautiful backdrop of Norwegian mountains. Experience the wilderness of Sweden by taking a dog sled through the mystic landscape of Snovasien. Also, get a chance to taste a traditional Swedish meal with your tour guides. Scandinavia is a perfect adventure travel destination by most of the travelers.


2. Ski-in Georgia:

Georgia is a great family adventure vacation destination for travelers. There are many popular ski resorts in Georgia but the largest ski resort is in Gudauri. Gudauri offers a diverse range of terrain to all ages. Travelers can experience the world-famous heliskiing who love to face extreme challenges. Gudauri ski resort is more than 10,000 feet high. An abundant quantity of snow on the higher peaks surrounding the resort makes it an ideal place for ski enthusiasts.


3. Galapagos Island a la Ecocruise:

Galapagos Island is a nature lover’s paradise on Earth. This island is home to amazing wildlife such as flamingoes, whales, sea lions, sea turtles, and many more. Enjoy your day by snorkeling and discovering the underwater marine life, and also spotting the incredible wildlife at Santa Cruz Island. Cruise the beautiful island to hike, swim, snorkel, kayak, and spot the wildlife. Galapagos Island is thus the most protected environmental place around the globe.


4. Elephant trekking in Chiang Mai:

Thailand has a major tourism draw due to the interaction with the animals. Chiang Mai offers many elephant cares and interaction programs to tourists. Visitors can also feed and wander among the big elephants. Make your trip adventurous by riding on the elephant and trekking through the jungle. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary will offer you time to enjoy, feed, and bond with this amazing creature. Also, get a chance to observe the amazing skills performed by the elephants.

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5. Hiking in Sicily:

Most of the travelers plan their plan to Sicily for the cannoli and the beaches. Apart from these, Sicily also offers a number of hiking trails from uphill mountain treks to strolling along the coast. The best way to discover and explore most of the island is through hiking. Hike to the top of Monte Zoccolaro or on the northern slope of Mount Etna to make your trip more adventurous. Hiking at the peak of the mountains will offer a breathtaking view of the landscape thus making your trip more adventurous and thrilling.


6. Boarding the Trans-Mongolian Express:

Take the Trans-Mongolian Express ride to see a diverse view of the grand cities of Russia to the opulence of China along with the beauty of Mongolia grassland. The trans-Mongolian Express also offers customized tours to suit any budget. Wander in Tiananmen Square, catch sight of onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, or view the sight at Red Square. Boarding on the Trans-Mongolian Express is the best adventure trip one could ever have.