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Mysterious Customer: Why Use Private Investigators?

Mysterious Customer: Why Use Private Investigators?
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How a private investigator helps retail store owners? Mystery shoppers or mystery customers are controversial but widely used in business environments. Do you know what it is and why it is better for research professionals to do their job? Let’s learn more about it.

What is a mystery customer?

Mysterious customers are disguised as regular customers of any facility or business, including restaurants, shops, supermarkets.

The mystery shopper is also responsible for assessing the quality of service and care that the store staff receives. It also analyzes decorative elements, created environments, etc.

What can be achieved with this task? In this way, the company learns how business employees behave. You can also evaluate the services offered, analyze images sent from your brand, and trust your work elements to improve your business around the world.

Why private investigators are mysterious good customers

The idea of using private detectives as a mystery client is interesting for a number of reasons.

  • Expert vision and extensive experience in the matter will help you assess customer service and learn how to test workers in a more professional way.
  • Those familiar with the study will know better what to look for to analyze the sanitation of the facility and the image provided to potential customers.
  • We will also conduct thorough research on the quality of service provided.
  • Finally, our experts are experts in assessing human behavior and behavior, so we can produce a very complete report on the attitudes of our employees.

Mystery Customer’s Behavior and private detectives

When a detective act as a mystery customer, of course, he begins by disguising himself as a regular customer. This will allow you to show certain talents as an actor and become someone else.

The detective then uses one or more services. However, everything depends on the specific needs of the customer and the part of the business you want to analyze.

However, mystery customers may request certain types of information, and they can return products by evaluating the return process and performance of a particular worker and studying the treatment they receive.

Mystery client and legitimacy of its use

The use of mystery clients is not currently prohibited. But when you have a private detective, this person has a license to take pictures and use hidden cameras in the process, and then it can be used as evidence. Otherwise, it will not be possible.

The detective who carried out the investigation can also work as a hidden customer in the target business, creating a professional report on all the information witnessed and attaching the video and photos if necessary.

When the detective prepares the report, he details everything that is noteworthy in relation to the interest sought or treated and the circumstances. If the company wants to take legal action on matters related to workers, it is important that the criminal’s work can be objectively evaluated as a mysterious customer because this report is valid and can be used in court.

Acknowledged as evidence in court

Therefore, to make sure that your work with mystery clients is legal and compliant, you need to find a private detective, not an expert, not an expert. If you need support, please contact us here


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