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5 Multiplayer Strategies to Help You Win Any Aviator Game

The game Aviator was the progenitor of the so-called crash games. Their essence is the same – you need to make a bet and make a cashout in time. In the case of 1win Aviator to do it before the plane takes off too high. The result of each round is generated randomly, so the cashout result cannot be predicted in advance. At one moment the player can win a small amount, and the next time – will increase his bet by tens of times, or even more. Despite the fact that the result of the game is completely random, but you can come up with and use several strategies, each of which will bring its own result.

Strategy 1)- Playing at low odds

The simplest strategy that will allow you to win regularly, even if small amounts of money. Based on the name, it is clear that we are talking about small odds. Among fans of the Aviator such call odds from 1.5 to 2.5. Time round in this case would be 30-45 seconds. All that is required of the player is to press the cashout a short time after the plane begins its run-up. This strategy is ideal for players who do not want to take big risks and want to earn regular money.


Strategy 2)- Playing on high odds

The second strategy is the exact opposite of the first one. Once every few rounds the odds for a cashout exceed a number of 10, 20 or more. On the player’s excitement and his desire depends on what exactly the number to stop. Keep in mind that you have to lose quite often, you should be prepared for this. However, in about 20-30 percent of cases the player will be lucky. Remember that no one guarantees the frequent fallout of high odds – in some cases, before winning will follow a series of 10, 20 or more defeats.


Strategy 3)- Catching extra-high odds

This strategy is ideal for fishermen who go to work out of a sporting interest – to catch the biggest fish without being distracted by small fish. Experienced players say that once in a few dozen rounds, that is, once every few hours, it is possible to catch a very high odds – 50 or more. This is a very rare event, but one such win easily pays for several dozen losses. In order to have fewer losses, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the history of rounds or to follow the game on your own. After the big odds, it is necessary to sit on the sidelines for 15-20 minutes, and then sit in anticipation of a lucky nibble.

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Strategy 4)- Alternation

The essence of this strategy is to alternate all of the above strategies. The best starting point for this would be a round with an extra-high odds. It is usually followed by several draws with small odds, which are interrupted by slightly larger ones. Along the way, you can earn alternately using the first, second, and third strategies. This will allow you to be in the plus on a regular basis. Periodically, the player will miss some successful rounds, but over time, flair will come and understanding of when it is worth the risk and wait longer while waiting for the cashout.


Strategy 5)- Autoplay

This is a small sub-strategy, if it can be called that. The peculiarity of the game Aviator is that the player can independently specify the ratio at which to make the cashout. In this case it turns out to give the whole gameplay at the mercy of automatic play. This strategy is best suited for playing at low odds, because in any other case, there is a great chance to get only a series of losses. All companies, such as offer this possibility.


General Tips

Not all strategies, despite their outward simplicity, can easily be used immediately at the beginning of the game. It is better to spend some time playing in demo mode first. It is absolutely free available at 1win aviator. It is enough to log in to the site, open the section with the game and select a demo mode. After testing the gameplay and selecting the most appropriate strategy for the game, you can move on to the game for real money.