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5 Surprising Facts About Solar Energy

5 Surprising Facts About Solar Energy

But despite its popularity and growth, there are several hidden facts about solar energy. Some seem obvious when you think about it, but others are bound to surprise you when you discover them. So read on for 5 interesting facts about solar energy.

1. Its Discovery Came Almost 200 Years Ago

The biggest mystery surrounding solar panels is always where they came from. People buy solar panels from different companies, but you hardly see people looking for the origin story of solar energy. Well, it’ll interest you to know that the use of sunlight to generate energy started almost two centuries ago. It all happened when a 19-year-old French physicist named Edmond Becquerel. Yes, he was just 19! What’s more surprising is that the discovery of solar energy came during research on photography.


2. Solar Panels Produce Energy Without Direct Sunlight

Most people think that the panels only work when the sun is up and the skies are clear. You can’t blame them, considering what solar panels stand for. But you have to note that these panels still generate electricity on cloudy or rainy days. However, the energy generated is reduced as expected but it’s good to know that panels still function without direct sunlight.


3. There Are Solar Cities

Well, this is not like the Silver City in movies, but it does share the same idea of bringing light to the people. Solar cities are projects that encourage the adoption of solar energy into the electric system. It’s designed to teach individuals, mayors, and so on the essence of solar energy and why it’s needed for the environment.


4. It’s the Cheapest Means of Energy Generation

It might seem like an expensive task to set up panels that tap into the sunlight for energy. However, when you think about it, you’re only ever going to spend on the panel installation. In other words, the costs are based on initial expenses, while the rest of the energy generation is practically free.

Another way to look at it is through the lack of bills. Unlike when you receive monthly bills for relying on the grid, there are no such charges with solar panel usage. As a matter of speaking, you even get back part of your money when you supply energy from your panels to the grid. Customers can always know how much they are saving on panels by using a solar panels savings calculator.


5. It Can Last Up To 30 Years

Customers will be happy to hear about this one. Solar panels have been designed with sturdy materials that offer durability and weather resistance. So you don’t have to worry about your panels on the roof. Also, thanks to the renewable nature of solar energy, it can be reused for several years.


Wrapping Up

Solar energy is leading the march towards a cleaner and greener earth. And with so many interesting facts to discover, solar panel systems could be the next great addition to your household.