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Kangana Ranaut Slapped By Female CISF Constable in Chandigarh

Kangana Ranaut Slapped By Female CISF Constable in Chandigarh

The recent Chandigarh airport occurrence involving the Bollywood actress who turned into a politician, Kangana Ranaut, and a female police constable has received major public attention and triggered controversies. Questions have been raised about how influential people are handled by officers of the law, and also animosity pervading around Indian farmers’ revolt. This article will delve into the incident, its background as well as wider implications.

Overview of Incident

A surprising and intense confrontation between Kulwinder Kaur (a female constable) and Kangana Ranaut transpired at Chandigarh airport on an otherwise normal day. The altercation reportedly arose from Ranaut’s previous remarks on women’s involvement in farmers’ protests. Witness accounts suggest that the clash rapidly grew heated before it climaxed to an alleged physical assault where she purportedly slapped Ranaut. It was filmed as it happened and subsequently went viral on social media causing a passionate debate among viewers.


Background Context

Kangana Ranaut’s Controversial Statements

Kangana Ranaut is known for her strong views which not everyone agrees with her on. She has talked often about politics and society, often courted controversy doing so. Her remarks on the farmers’ protests, namely her assertion that women were doing it for money, have been especially controversial. Ranaut’s statement that women were being paid Rs 100 to join the protests was heavily criticized and condemned by many individuals who were involved in the movement as well as those who supported it.

Farmers’ Protests

Since 2020, there has been a continuous farmers’ protest, one of the largest agrarian movements ever recorded in India. Farmers have risen against three agricultural laws which they feel are a threat to their lives imposed by Indian government. The campaign has had considerable participation from different sections of society including women who have played a critical role in keeping up the protest momentum. These comments by Ranaut were considered an attack on these women’s honour and dignity which greatly inflamed the situation.


The Confrontation

Eyewitness Accounts

According to eye witnesses, Kulwinder Kaur attacked Ranaut while discussing her statements about farmers protests at the airport. Kaur was said to be visibly angry and voiced out her discontentment regarding Ranaut’s words reminding her mother’s involvement in such demonstrations. At some point during this heated exchange, Kaur reportedly hit Ranaut across the face.

Viral Video and Public Reaction

The incident was caught on camera by people standing by and spread across social media platforms quickly. In it, Kaur can be heard challenging Ranaut’s statements, as well as expressing her personal connection to the demonstrations. The video has gone viral eliciting public debate from all angles, with countless internet users calling for action against both players in the video. Some of the public is calling for justice over the assault allegations on their side, while others are empathizing with her frustration and anger.


Investigation and Legal Proceedings

CISF and Punjab Police Involvement

After this incident, Kulwinder Kaur was taken into custody by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which is responsible for airport security. Sandeep Garg, SSP Mohali District Police said that they would take over from CISF as police investigations commence. In its part however, CISF has suspended Kaur pending investigation outcomes. While a separate police inquiry is underway to establish facts around these accusations and determine what should be done next.


Broader Implications

Treatment of public figures

But the incident has also led to a more general talk about public figures’ treatment and boundaries that exist between what is right and wrong. For instance, public figures such as Kangana Ranaut are under scrutiny and can be criticized but the problem raises questions concerning possibilities of escalation during confrontations and the role of police in such a situation.

Role played by law enforcement

A police involvement into an altercation with her shows how hard it is for officers or security personnel to maintain professionalism and neutrality. The suspension of Kulwinder Kaur points out at CISF’s commitment to principles of behavior, but it also emphasizes the human aspect or emotional pressures on policemen especially in times of politically charged environments.

Impact on Farmers’ Protests

In addition, this altercation renewed interest about farmers’ protests and the feelings around them. Her comments along with subsequent confrontation have again ignited debates over how those involved in it position themselves towards such demonstrations. Thus, this particular event exposes internal emotions as well as antagonisms that have been engendered by these protests across different sections of society.



Kangana Ranaut was allegedly assaulted by a woman in police uniform at Chandigarh airport. The act has multiple dimensions which include public discourse, police procedures and social activism within India. As we dig deeper into the investigation, it is important to approach what took place with an even hand; this should bear in mind both what happened immediately after and its implications on society as a whole. But ultimately, this happening brings to light the necessity for respectful conversations and comprehension despite dissent or disputed grounds.