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7 Common Mistakes That Can Harm Your Personal Injury Claim

7 Common Mistakes That Can Harm Your Personal Injury Claim

Car accident injuries are a very common occurrence in Miami, FL. Yet, less than half of those who get injured file for a personal injury claim. Even less manage to get their hands on the right value owed to them as a claim. Why does this happen? A lot of factors play the role here, most of which are the mistakes people make while pursuing the case. These mistakes are easily avoidable and can be easily done away with. You can speak to your personal injury lawyer in Miami FL for more details about it.

Personal injury law firms in Miami FL handle thousands of personal injury cases almost every month. This means they are well-versed with tactics that the insurance companies engage to deny or delay your claim. With a good personal injury lawyer on your side, you will have a level playing field to contest your case.


Mistakes to Avoid

If you are pursuing a personal injury claim, avoid the following mistakes at all costs:

  1. Not Calling the Cops: Not informing the cops immediately after the accident is sure to hurt your chances for compensation. The accident may seem minor at the time. You may feel fine that day but may develop more pain in the neck or some other area the next day. If you don’t have the police report, your claim won’t stand much chance.
  2. Not Visiting the Doctor: Just like the police report, your medical fitness report will be very crucial while filing the claim. If there was an injury, it has to be documented as soon as possible. That report will then act as a strong proof of your claim. Without that, your claim will further lose its hold.
  3. Discussing Case with Other Party: At-fault party or their insurance company may coerce you into discussing things you shouldn’t be doing. Their ultimate motive will be to make you lose your right to the claim. Don’t approach them yourself at any cost. Hire a lawyer and let him speak with them on your behalf whenever necessary.
  4. Posting about the Accident on Social Media: When the case begins, anything you say on social media about the accident becomes part of the case. A simple statement like “I got hit but I am fine” can work against you. Refrain from doing that to have one less thing to worry about.
  5. Not Documenting the Event: If possible, get every bit of detail about the accident you can. These details include the license number of the at-fault party, pictures of the accident, pictures of your injury, and more. If you can collect statements from witnesses, that will be great for your case too.
  6. Accepting Any Compensation Coming Your Way: When the other party realizes that your claim is genuine, they will reach out to you. But before committing in full, they will try to offer a fraction of what you actually deserve. Even if they seem to be paying for your complete treatment, don’t commit anything. You are always worth more than that. Allow your lawyer to discuss your case with them.
  7. Not Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Time: The more time you take to hire a lawyer, the weaker your case will become. It’s possible that by the time you bring the lawyer on board, most of the things have already settled down. Don’t wait for that moment to come. Hire a lawyer as soon as possible after getting the injury, and allow them to do everything for you from thereon.

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