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Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Wool Carpet

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are known for their quality and durability factors and a great choice for homeowners. Wool can withstand pressure, has beautiful aesthetic and excellent retention properties. It will last for a long time with proper care that makes it a good investment for replacing the old carpets. If you want to purchase a new carpet, then wool is definitely a suitable choice.

Different Kinds of Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are usually found in two different forms and they are 100% wool carpet or 80/20 wool mix carpets. Both of them can be produced in the carpet tiles or broadloom format that ensures to deliver flexibility in installation method based on where and how the wool carpets are used.


100% Wool Carpet or Natural Wool Carpet

Wool is used for the floor coverings after it was discovered how to shear soft and fluffy wool from sheep herds. 100% wool carpet means carpets that are made from the pure resource. The best form of wool for 100% wool carpet production is ‘string’ wool that is found on sheep breeds located in New Zealand and Britain. British wool is sturdy and provides unique texture whilst New Zealand wool is whiter and softer which makes it to be the perfect material for lighter shade ranges. New Zealand Merino wool is of better quality but sheep breeds from all over the world can produce wool of good quality and often with their unique characteristics.

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80/20 Wool Carpet or Wool Mix Carpet

Wool carpet has an essential strength and does not require any kind of fibre to improve its performance, but it is generally mixed with other fibres. These hybrids are called 80/20 wool carpets, wool mix carpets or wool-blend carpets. Manufacturers can select using synthetic materials due to several reasons and some of these are – improving fibre flexibility, stain resistance and durability or facilitate dyeing.


Benefits of Choosing a Wool Carpet

  • Strength and durability – Wool offers outstanding performance due to its durability, elasticity and robustness which means it provides a ‘bounce-back’. Due to these reasons, shading and tracking marks can be decreased and these natural wool carpets can maintain a good appearance for many years.
  • Resistance to dirt and soiling – Wool is a natural fibre that has natural oil, resistant to dirt and will repel another oil-based soiling. Being an opaque fibre, the dirt will be harder to be seen so your carpet will appear clean. For the most part, you need to perform regular vacuuming for keeping the carpets in good condition.
  • Comfort and warmth – Wool acts in the form of an insulator by keeping your house warm, energy-efficient investment and extreme pleasure for the cold months. Wool will absorb sound and cushion the home against noise from the family.
  • Fire-resistant and inflammable – Wool is naturally fire-resistant and has an extremely slow ignition rate. They are extremely safe material to use for carpeting in the home or commercial setting. In case there is a fire break out, the carpet fibres will melt than burn by not preventing the spread of fire.
  • Fall friendly – The natural softness of luxury wool carpets act as a cushion by avoiding serious injury from falls, whether children or old people. This will be improved further when wool carpets can be installed over a good quality underlay which offers fall protection amongst other benefits.
  • Hypoallergenic – Wool’s fibres will hold fine dust till it gets vacuumed that can lessen any floating particle in the atmosphere. By using a good vacuum cleaner, you will be able to get rid of dirt and dust before it leads to further irritation. Besides, wool is a natural ‘smart’ fibre and can form a balanced atmosphere in any home which means it has the ability to absorb humidity in the air.
  • Natural and sustainable – Wool grows on sheep or similar animals that need daily shearing. As shearing is said to be a vital part of caring for these animals, there is a fresh supply of wool available every year for the carpet industry that makes the material natural and sustainable.
  • Biodegradable material – Wool is biodegradable in soil that produces carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulphur and water. This makes 100% wool carpets to be a great choice for flooring as we are now more focussed on the preservation and protection of the natural world.


Drawbacks of Wool Carpet

  • Initial cost – Though wool is abundant and inexpensive, the higher cost of wool carpets usually arises from the production and processing of ‘luxury’ product and cost needed to maintain the product for several years. With proper care, the wool carpets will probably survive for a long time when compared to other materials.
  • Highly resistant to stains – Though wool is naturally resistant to and oil-based liquids and soiling, it is highly prone to stains due to non-oil-based liquids that have stronger pigmentation such as coffee or wine. The color of foreign bodies adjusts with wool fibres and can be quite difficult to remove and so, you should treat the wool carpet with care.
  • Absorbency – Wool carpets are extremely absorbent and good attribute for removing humidity from the air. It is not good for spills or regular exposure to water and larger volumes may saturate wool fibres and lead to mildew thus, causing discolouration.
  • Chemical resistance – Alkaline chemicals that have a pH greater than 9.5 may affect wool carpets negatively with short exposure till they are neutralized or completely cleaned. Strong chemicals can cause fibres to harden, lose colour and begin to dissolve thus, ruining the carpet. This makes it quite difficult to get a regular cleaning solution that can manage stains, though professional cleaners can recommend products that have a neutral pH.
  • Lightfastness – Wool carpets are sensitive to sunlight and extended exposure might cause the colours in the fibres to fade easily by spoiling your carpet’s appearance. A little sunlight is fine but wool carpets placed in an area that has constant sunlight all-day will possibly lose their quality of appearance.


Wool is the luxurya carpet fibre that has specific qualities that differentiate it from other fibres. It is natural, comfortable, durable, sustainable and fire-resistant. Though it will cost more and requires further care and attention than other synthetic options, the benefits of purchasing wool carpet will outweigh its additional cost.

Whether it is needed for luxury space or high-end commercial purpose, buy wool carpet online that should be able to fulfil or exceed the expectations, when installed and maintained in the proper way.