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Artificial Intelligence is the Future of the Digital Age

Artificial Intelligence is the Future of the Digital Age

The applications of AI are endless, and it has already become an essential part of our lives. From Tinder swipes to ordering food online, machines are taking over more and more tasks that were once reserved for humans. Artificial intelligence has even found its way into other industries such as fashion, finance, healthcare, art, music production, architecture, law enforcement, etc. From self-driving cars to voice assistants, AI is solving problems in our daily lives. It is also transforming how businesses work and is becoming a key business skill for the people who will be running them in the future. Here are ten of the best artificial intelligence projects that are perfect for newbies looking to enter this industry.

Cat and Dog Images Classification:

This project aims to classify the images as either a dog or a cat. The convolutional neural network is fed with a wide variety of dogs and cats, and this project uses Keras (for backend) and OpenCV libraries.


Identifying the genre of a song:

Music is an integral part of our lives and we all have a favorite genre. Music can be the difference between a bad day and a good day. With so many different genres, it becomes hard to identify the specific genre of any given song. Thankfully, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken over the world and is here to help us with this issue. Identifying the genre of a song is one of the most difficult tasks for humans. Here is how we can teach an AI to do it – In this AI Project, you will be using an Artificial Neural Network, collecting a data set which is having multiple genres, and feeding the data into the ANN, one can use a library such as Librosa (python library) to extract features from the song.


Automatic system for detecting trends in fashion:

Fashion is a constantly changing entity, and designers are always trying to predict what’s next. However, not every designer has the necessary skills or resources to do this. To combat this, we have created a tool that will do the hard work for you. With this AI project – The AI system can detect trends through data mining and AI analysis. It can even predict future trends with a high degree of accuracy by analyzing data from other industries such as social media and e-commerce. This project falls under AI in Business.


Object Detection:

Like face detection, objects can also be analyzed utilizing AI to decide the sort of item it is. Artificial intelligence can determine colours, size, math, and the shape of the item just as precisely relating it with different comparable objects. Artificial intelligence can isolate objects as per their type or identify required objects in a given picture.


Lane Line Detection :

Lane Line Detection is a technique used in many self-driving autonomous vehicles as well as line-following robots. We can use computer vision techniques such as colour thresholding to detect the lanes.


Next Word Predictor :

When you type a message your phone automatically predicts the next word you want to type. One can build an artificial intelligence model that can predict the next word that is most likely to come. To implement this you need to know about Natural Language Processing and deep learning


Music or Movies Recommendation System :

One can also create a music recommendation or music recommendations system that uses music /movies and genre datasets. Using massive datasets or open libraries and neural networks complex recommendations can be built. The recommendations are highly used in Netflix, amazon prime, etc, in the recommended for you section! So, it will be a great start if one can work on this project.


Identifying Handwritten Mathematical Symbols :

In this AI project, using a convolution neural network (CNN) is used to detect handwritten mathematical symbols. Any data set can be chosen, and is provided as the input to the neural network, make sure the data set contains a variety of images from different classes, One can find the data sets online easily

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Unlocking phone using FaceID :

FaceID is a technology that allows users to unlock their devices with their faces. It’s the next step in biometrics and facial recognition and has been increasingly embraced by tech companies like Apple and Google. FaceID is the technology that Apple has introduced with the new iPhone X. It is an electronic system that can identify a face and avoid someone else from unlocking your phone. FaceID works by sending out infrared light to map your face, then it projects a grid of 30,000 dots onto your face to build up a 3D picture. This information is sent to the neural engine chip to compare it with the facial mapping data on the phone. If there are any similarities between pixels on both faces, you’ll get access to your phone! But if not, you won’t be able to unlock it.

It is an artificial intelligence project that utilizes face biometrics to unlock a mobile. Utilizing deep learning, the AI application can extricate image features. It for the most part utilizes two sorts of neural networks: Convolution neural networks and Deep autoencoders networks. Furthermore, it is a four-venture process. They are

  • face detection
  • face alignment
  • face extraction
  • face recognition

Drowsiness Detection System:

Drowsiness is one of the main reasons for accidents, so building an AI project can be a great choice. Using python, Keras, and OpenCV libraries we can build an AI project that can detect the closed eyes of the drivers and alert the members in the car when the closed eyes of the driver are detected, thereby preventing the accidents.