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Benefits of Hosting Drake Tax Software Over The Cloud

There are many tax preparation software and applications available in the market that businesses and taxpayers can decide from. When deciding the software or application, businesses should have a look at the features of the software and also the usability of the features. The size of the company, the features of the software, the customer support, business budget for the software should be taken under consideration before choosing an application.

Hosted Drake Tax Software being one of the most popular taxation software is used by most of the Certified Public Accountants, financial professionals, and tax preparers around the globe. They prefer using Drake due to the benefits that make the tax preparation and filing efficient. Below are some of the benefits of hosting Drake on the Cloud.


Adequate Data Security

For every business, the security of the data that they possess, and handle is very important. The modern digital age and the pandemic around has constrained businesses to the work-from-home environment increasing the risk of ransomware attacks and security breaches and an illegal leak of confidential data. Not every business can afford strong security as they need to hire cyber security specialists to maintain the overall security. Drake when hosted on the cloud is directly monitored and maintained by the hosting providers.

The hosting service providers ensure the security of all the business data, as their cloud servers are implemented with advanced security measures and a strong multi-level firewall. They make cloud hosting a secure solution for businesses by using security measures such as end-to-end encryption, malware protection, and also two-factor authentication. Additional businesses can also use Drake Tax Software on Hosted Virtual Desktop to enjoy the same security with other applications used along with Drake.


Disaster Recovery

Natural calamities such as earthquakes and storms can cause damage to various businesses and their infrastructure. After such calamities, it becomes difficult to recover data from the on-premise servers and may lead to data loss and even loss of business reputation and trust in the market. When Drake is hosted on the cloud, all the data and forms are stored on the secured servers provided by the cloud providers. This means that the businesses are prepared for such situations as data backup and recovery are ensured with facilities such as data replication the cloud servers located in multiple geographical locations. Even if one server gets affected by the disaster, the data can easily be recovered from other servers.

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Cost Cutting 

When a business traditionally implements Drake Tax Software in their workflow, they need to set up a dedicated in-house server to store all the data and run the software. They would need a complete IT infrastructure that includes the hardware and also the hiring of IT professionals for regular server maintenance. This means that businesses need to invest a huge chunk of their finance in establishing the server and also bear the never-ending overhead expenses for server maintenance.

This can be eliminated by hosting Drake on the Cloud. The cloud provider looks after and takes care of of the server setup, security, and maintenance. Also, the businesses will receive round-the-clock professional customer support at no added cost.

As you see these were some of the benefits of using Drake Tax Software on the Cloud. Apps4Rent provides reliable migration services Such as O365 Tenant to Tenant Migration with good end-user support and security.