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Top 8 Webcam Recording Software for High Quality Videos

Webcam softwares are super useful when it comes to record moments. Whether it is an office meeting, online school due to pandemic or whether you are an video creator, webcam softwares are super useful. In this article w will explore the Top 8 Webcam Recording Software for High Quality Videos which are totally free to use.

1. Bandicam Webcam Recorder

Bandicam Webcam Recorder

The 1st webcam on our list is the Bandicam webcam. It offers HD Quality video recording service from any video device. This software supports hardware accelerated h 264 encoders of Nvidia, CUDA, AMD VCE & much more. This helps the software to record video with excellent quality and a high compression rate.

Main Features are:

– Capable to record video on Mac & iPad screens.

– It can also record on Windows & supports MP4 & AVI video format.

– Can also record gameplay on PC suporting Xbox & Play Station.

– It can be translated to 30 different languages apart from English.

– Users can also use their mobile as a webcam to record the videos.


2. Free 2X Webcam

The 2nd on our list is Free 2X Webcam recorder. This recorder can record free videos from any webcam or camera. It can also record voice from microphone, line-in & speakers without any lag or issue. This software was released on March 2014 with the latest version of

Main Features of this webcam software are:

– This software supports video formats like MP4, WMV & AVI.

– It can be run on Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista & XP.


3. CloudApp Recorder

This is yet another powerful screen recorder software which is super easy to use and record videos. User can also record the videos from their website, without even installing the software. From the website you can either record only your screen, yourself and the screen or only yourself.

Main Features:

– 1ST feature is that the software is available to record in Chrome, Mac & iOS.

– GIsF can also be created by using this software.

– It can also make tutorial videos from the webcam.


4. APower-REC


APower-Rec is another super useful & my personal favourite webcam recording software. This software is easy to use. I personally use this software to record my Youtube videos. Users can easily record screens., webcam, audio, Edit (add text, line , arrows Real Time) & can also edit the videos.

Main Features of this software:

– Unique features like zoom recording, spotlight recording, task & locked window recording are available

– Supports Windows 7/8/10, Mac, iOS & Android.


5. Camwiz Screen Recorder

Camwiz Screen Recorder is a one stop free webcam recording software that can be used by windows and Mac users. Users can also change their preferences of colour, brightness, recording, play, pause while recording.

Main Features of Camwiz Software:

– Auto-stop timer feature is also available.

– Also supports USB webcam

– Can also be monitored by using Remote Webcam.


6. Camtasia Webcam Recorder

Camtasia is a powerful recording software which is free to use. This webcam supports recording on Windows & macOS devices. High quality videos and audios can be recorded by using this software. This software is used by more than 39 million creators worldwide. The only 1 drawback this software have is that free version can be used by people but with limited features.

Main Features:

– User interface is Easy

– Video and screen editing features are also available.

– Pre-made templates can also be chosen by users.


7. Clipchamp Screen Recorder

Clipchamp Screen Recorder

The 7th software on our list is Clipchamp webcam recorder software. This is a free software which can also be accessed directly by the browser and the software itself. Not only webcam recording, users can also edit their existing videos which makes it multi-tasker software.

Main Features:

– Users can record unlimited video and audios.

– Screen-cast and screen shots can also be taken simultaneously.

– Users can easily share the videos on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Story Blocks etc.

– Resize & Custom layout option are also available.

– Users can also add logos, watermark and captions while recording screen.


8. Debut Video Recorder

The last video recorder on our list is Debut Video Recorder. By using this software, users can record videos from web-cams, external devices & their PC Screens. Users can also adjust video colours, effect and text to video edits.

Main Features of Debut Video Recorder Software:

– This software records videos on formats like AVI, WMV, FLV, MPG, MP4 etc.

– It supports Windows 10, XP, 7, 8, Vista & 8.1

– Users can record audios from microphones & speakers along-with the videos.

– The spotlight recording of mouse cursor is also available.

– Users can also replace background with some image or custom image by using Green Screen Tool.

So these were the Top 8 Webcam Recording Software for High Quality Videos. All of them are free to use with unlimited built-in features. If you have any other software in mind, then share your thoughts below.