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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power BI for Small Businesses

You often need to make fast business decisions in your company. However, it proves to be difficult when you have to deal with huge amounts of data, collect them and analyze them; in order to take informed business decisions or compile information to generate reports. The solution lies with Microsoft.

Microsoft Power BI for small business is a suit with business intelligence tools that helps the user organization to analyze the business data, make better, faster, and informed business decisions, and share insights. Here we will discuss the ways in which Microsoft Power BI implementation for small businesses provides you with competitive advantages in your industry.


1. Power BI Comes With the Ability to Forecast:

Business intelligence provides your business with the ability to forecast by helping you to identify latest trends, upcoming trends and patterns. This solution lets you process your historical data which enables you to forecast trends, behaviors, and patterns. This gives your company a detailed insight to customer demands. As a result you are well prepared, and can generate better plans and strategies that lead you to making better business decisions.

When combined with Microsoft Power BI for small business, these huge amounts of customer data are collected from various sources and present to you in a synchronized manner. You can utilize the features of Power BI such as real-time dashboards which not only notify you about the problems as they occur but also help you seize upcoming opportunities.


Helps you Provide Better Customer Experience:

Customers are the most important part of any business. Thus, satisfying the customers is the most important task of a business. When it comes to satisfying your customers, big customer data proves to be extremely helpful. It is in fact the backbone of your customer experience platform. With the relevant data, you are in a position to understand your customer better in terms of where they shop, what kind of products or services they are interested in, what are the product or service challenges they face etc. Collecting big data lets your customer feed you relevant and valuable data on a daily basis. By observing the same, you are in a better position to personalize their experience.

Microsoft Power BI implementation helps you to combine data sources, create compelling visualizations and lets you publish the stories of your organization on your website or blog that targets and caters to your most important and consistent customers you. You can also customize your communication based on their preferences.

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3. Helps You to Construct Agile Pricing Strategies:

The big data or customer data that you have collected and integrated with the help of business intelligence can help you construct efficient pricing strategies by the virtue of segmentation. The relevant big data helps you understand the various factors that influence pricing. This includes the behavior of your demographics, the marketing campaigns you conduct, the seasons that you are in, and your tiers. This upgrades you from working with lagging indicators to working with real time behavioral trends and patterns. This keeps you ahead in the pricing game. Microsoft Power BI for small business identifies and reduces incorrect assumptions. The solution also comes with touch-enables apps for Windows, iOS, and Android which allows you to access your data from anywhere, anytime which helps you stay up to date with the processes that are taking place.

Power BI also gives you insight to the happening within your own team. With Power BI you can always stay informed about any significant changes that your data goes through, with the help of alerts that are delivered to you. Thus, with constantly updated data, the user companies are at a better place compared to its competitors, regardless of whether you are in a B2B or B2C market place. Thus, there is no dilemma about the fact that Power BI only benefits small business and makes it easier for companies to deal with their big data and provide better customer satisfaction. It is only advisable that you get Microsoft Power BI implemented in your system.