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Best Indian Apps To Play Rummy Games & Earn Money

People in India are already aware of popular card games like rummy, bluff, etc. these games have been played here for ages. After the massive popularity of the offline version of these card games, certain game developers have created an online platform to play these games on them. In India, these apps are getting more popular day by day and gaining lots of new players every day.    

 In this article, we are going to see what are some best Indian apps to play rummy games. The list includes apps like hello rummy, rummy circle, etc. GetMega is also an Indian app where you can play rummy and poker and win cash rewards. 


Best Indian Apps For Playing Rummy


GetMega is a popular online gaming app to play classic card games like rummy and poker. The app is based on the classic card game and thus provides a realistic gaming experience to the players. GetMega app is a secure and safe platform where you can easily credit or transfer money. Once you have won enough, then you can easily withdraw your money from the GetMega app to your bank accounts. You can use UPI or apps like Phone Pay, and Paytm to instantly withdraw money. The app also provides a feature where you can chat or video call your friends whom you are playing with. If you are getting bored at home and want to play card games with your friends then you can invite them to play on the GetMega app and earn cash rewards!


Hello Rummy 

Hello rummy is an application that is suitable for all types of rummy players. Its features make it one of the easiest apps to play rummy games on. You can install the hello rummy app on your smartphone and play online games on it. Once you have installed the device on your phone you would be able to experience amazing features such as, 

  • Easy and user-friendly functions of the game 
  • Eye-catching interface which makes it even more interesting to play on 
  • You will get exciting rewards if you show exceptional skills in rummy or other games available on the hello rummy app. 
  • You can go for online matchmaking where you will be matched against a real player to compete against. 
  • Different language options provided a more comfortable and subtle experience to the players across the country. 


Rummy Circle 

If you watch television then you must have heard of the rummy circle app. Yes, the rummy circle is a very popular app in India. You must have seen some known celebrities endorsing the app on various social platforms. Being one of the most popular apps, it is also the safest platform to play rummy on. The rummy circle app is a phone-friendly app where you can participate in various tournaments and matches to win many cash prizes. Rummy circle still has more than thousands of active players on its platform. The rules of the Rummy circle are almost the same as the classic rummy game. This feature of the rummy circle has attracted people from every age group. They even have a proper management team to ensure fair gameplay among players.


A23 Rummy

A23 rummy is also one of the most popular rummy platforms endorsed by many known celebrities in the country. A23 rummy got popular because of its features that attracted people to play rummy games. The app is not only famous for playing rummy but you can also enjoy poker, carrom, pool, sports fantasy game, and much more. It is like a powerpack app for game lovers. The key features of A23 rummy are, 

  • It has more than 40 million players who have downloaded the app and more than a thousand players who actively play games on it. 
  • It is one of the safest apps to play rummy or any other game for cash. It is a government-approved app that is not involved in any type of fraud or scam. 
  • A23 rummy has successfully completed 16 years and over these years it has built an image and trust among the people of the country. 
  • A23 rummy does not entertain illegal practices or hacks and they ensure that the platform stays fair and true to its players. 


Junglee Rummy 

Junglee rummy is an app that is completely phone friendly and you can enjoy Rummy games either for the real cash prize or just for fun. Junglee rummy provides a platform for Rummy players to experience the card game with smooth and lag-free gameplay. You can invite your friends or play against real unknown players to win exciting rewards. Junglee rummy basically provides three popular variants of rummy that is, pool rummy, deal rummy, and points rummy. Each variant is different and unique so you can choose according to your preference and start earning on the junglee rummy app. 

These are the best Indian apps that you can consider if you wish to enjoy the popular card game rummy. Do not forget to install the GetMega app and earn exciting cash prizes with your friends!