December 9, 2022


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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Kuwait

Ten Best Places To Visit In Kuwait

Are you making a plan to travel to Kuwait country, then don’t think muck pack your bag and get ready to enjoy your trip. But, before proceeding you should check in about the places that you can cover within your time duration or which places are essential to visit.

So, in this blog, I am covering the ten best places to visit in Kuwait that will help you in your checklist to travel to a country like Kuwait. Kuwait is a tourist attraction where you can also enjoy the adventurous life happily with your family and friends.


Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kuwait

1)- Kuwait Tower

A well-known famous tower and the center of attractions for tourists is the ‘Kuwait Tower’. This tower was built after the Independence of Kuwait from England. With modern architecture and design, this tower is built with a mixture of modern architecture and traditional Islamic design. This tower is covered with many spheres that give the whole overlook of Kuwait in fact some parts of the tower offer cafes, restaurants, houses, etc. You can spend the quality of time.


2)- National Museum

The National Museum can be the second place to visit. The National Museum consists of three main phases including Heritage, Archaeology, Planetarium. It is designed with historical museums, with monuments depicting the past history of the rulers.


3)- Al Shaheed Park

Al Shaheed Park is a beautiful park that embeds greenery, museums, lakes, botanical gardens, museums, jogging tracks, walkways, etc. So this museum covers all the attractive nature views where the visitors can enjoy and spend quality time.


4)- Mirror House

Mirror houses are specially designed entirely with mirrors. Also, the mirror house attracts the hearts of the visitors. Mirror House attracts visitors with different glass shapes and designs of architecture with mirrors, etc.

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5)- Kuwait ZOO

Kuwait Zoo is one of the famous zoos places categorized into four sections namely, Animal Group Section, Department of Cultural Center, Service section, and maintenance section. The zoo contains several kinds of animals, birds, species, etc.


6)- Beaches

Beaches in Kuwait are good. Beaches are superior to make yourself relaxed in the comfort zone chilling out in the day. Having a delicious lunch, tea coffee, and many other fountain beaches for entertainment.


7)- Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque is known to be the official mosque and the biggest treasures of the world. It is built on an excellent Islamic architecture style and a Persian structural design. On the occasion of the Islamic month of Ramadan Muslims from all over the world gather at the Grand Mosque. Also, it is the best place for official religious ceremonies.


8)- Kobar Island

If you are thinking about the place to see seabird sanctuary, beautiful coral and clean water island attract the minds of the visitors to go twice even during the weekdays. It is a sandy island. It is known for scuba diving. A wonderful place to visit for an enjoyable and fun.


9)- Aqua Park

If you are wondering about some thrilling and adventurous activities to do then Aqua Park is the best place to be on your checklist. Aqua Park is the first and situated in the biggest region. There are lots of activities that you can enjoy under the park i.e. scuba diving, swimming, pool for kids, volleyball courts and many more activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Lunch is provided near the park in the restaurants situated nearby. A wonderful park for both friends and families to enjoy and have fun.


10)- 360 Mall

If you are thinking of dining, shopping, and entertainment at one place then 360 Mall is one of the most famous malls where you can enjoy your day with the best deals on luxurious things at a reasonable rate. Also, you can see the beauty of a solar garden covered with 21,000 plants grown for the performance of the role of the biofilter. You can also enjoy the whole day by assorting with the entertainment shows, having good cuisine and shopping to your choice.

Thus, in this blog, you can acquire the proper knowledge about the places to travel in Kuwait. Also, you can read more about our blogs related to the best traveling places, best automobiles. Tractor blog, we also provide the information related to the agriculture sector and also provide the benefit to the farmers by uploading the tractor videos related information.