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Top 10 Benefits Of Using Ubtan Face Wash On Your Face

Cleansing is integrated into our lives 2x a day (A.M. & P.M.). Therefore, its basic contents or alchemy needs to be carefully studied to get the benefits without any side effects drying, clogging, or irritation. Finding the right daily-use face wash is not as simple as one may think. From ubtan face wash to regular face washes, the choices are galore! Many factors go into deciding what’s right for our skin- ingredients used, skin type, skin concerns, comedogenic rating, sensitivity rating, oil-free, hydrating, gentle, etc. We cleanse to get rid of oil, dirt, and dead skin debris with the additional skin-brightening or antiaging benefits.

You would think there is one ingredient that can do all this effortlessly while being gentle on our skin. The name you’re looking for is Turmeric and is the only thing you need to look for the next time you go skincare shopping. This humble ingredient from nature is perfect for treating Indian skin concerns like sun protection, pore exfoliation, and even oil-control. Turmeric in its raw form can be too potent for the skin to handle. Therefore, it normally comes combined with other ingredients like chickpea powder, lime, and sandalwood to make a popularly known concoction known as Ubtan.

Ubtan is an age-old recipe that first started with 15-minute masks and then slowly filtered into face and body care categories like Ubtan face wash, Ubtan body butter and more. This happened because it works, and it works good, giving fast results with literally no side-effects.

According to skincare rules, you cannot apply face masks every day, and that is when the Ubtan Face Wash comes in handy to clean up and rejuvenate your skin in a matter of minutes. And the best part is that it suits all skin types from normal to sensitive- which is great!

There are a number of reasons why you need to switch to this OG of skin-brightening in the face wash category but let’s look at the 10 best reasons:


Top 10 Benefits Of Ubtan Face Wash

1)- Soothes Sun Burn

Ouch! This is something 1 in 4 Indians go through every day during summers, and it isn’t anyone’s obvious choice, but our skin type can’t help it. Washing our face immediately after sun exposure with Ubtan Face Wash will help minimize the redness as turmeric helps soothe burns, itching, or any sign of irritation.


2)- Treats Acne

If anything can calm down the red-faced acne inflammation, it is turmeric. The anti-inflammatory properties of Ubtan will reduce the pimple’s size and help it heal quickly before it spreads to other areas.


3)- Clears Pores

Using Ubtan Face Wash both in the morning and especially at night will help exfoliate dirt, oil, and debris from the skin’s surface, making our skin clear and a lot lighter. Also, turmeric has antiseptic properties that will kill acne-causing bacteria from going crazy on our skin!


4)- Brightens Skin

Turmeric has potent skin-brightening properties that help get rid of dark spots and blemishes effortlessly.


5)- Antiaging

Nobody wants to tell time with their skin, and therefore using an Ubtan Face Wash will help smooth out fine lines and perk up wrinkles for a more youthful look.


6)- Tan Removal

Tan creeps in when we least expect it, but the trick is to get to it before washing our face with Ubtan Face Wash. This will not only ease down the tan lines but also cool down the skin.


7)- Fight Hyperpigmentation

Acne can leave semi-permanent acne marks that are honestly quite difficult to fade. In addition to using treatment serums, Ubtan Face Wash will help reverse the damage by slowing evening out the skin tone with every wash with its antioxidant properties.

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8)- Sun Protection

Turmeric filters out the strong UVA and UVB effects with its antioxidant properties. Washing your face every morning with Ubtan face wash will prep your skin against these harmful rays.


9)- Wound Healing

Turmeric has healing properties that help heal cuts and wounds without leaving a mark on the skin.


10)- Reduces Acne Scarring

The wound healing properties of turmeric also helps heal new scars faster before it sets in. However, do not think of it as a treatment for fairly old scars as the skin tissues around these scars have already been set, and only laser treatments can help resurface the dent.


Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Wash ensures gentle exfoliation to restore fresh, healthy, and glowing skin. It is enriched with Turmeric, Saffron, and soft Walnut Beads that help exfoliate dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria. Antioxidants in Turmeric protects the skin cells from free radical damage and lightens the skin tone over time. This amazing face wash is also dermatologically tested and pH balanced, which means none of the eww stuff like chemicals, toxins, or mineral oil. It is absolutely safe for everyday use and everyone!