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Best Way to Extend Battery Life of Android Phone

How to Extend Battery Life of Android Phone

If your phone battery discharges rapidly, then this blog will surely be helpful for you. Nowadays, everyone use smart phones and it is becoming part of our life. However, majority of us face the issue of low battery life. Sometimes, our battery goes dead in emergency circumstances.

Here we are sharing some pro tips, by which you can increase the battery life of your android phone, tablets, and iPhone as well. Here are some best recommended tips for getting a long lasting battery life:-

  1. Close background Applications
  2. Use Light applications like Facebook lite and more
  3. Use Wi-Fi, instead of Mobile data
  4. Say No to “Animated wallpapers”
  5. Decrease the number of widgets
  6. Set screen time out to least or set it on Immediately.
  7. Say No to “Haptic feedback”
  8. Set your phone on “Saving Mode”
  9. Use Flight Mode “When Sleeping”
  10. Remove “Un-wanted apps”.

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By using above tips, your phone battery life will be increased and you won’t have to charge your phone again and again. If you found this blog informative, you can share it with your friends so that they can also increase their battery life. If you have any suggestions or queries, please comment us below.