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Calculating the Price of SAP B1 Software In India

Calculating the Price of SAP B1 Software In India

Every startup or a young business goes through a stage where they are no longer small enough to be managed personally and not big enough to have dedicated people for managing other people. An ERP software comes in handy in these kinds of situations and one of the best ERP software on the market for small and mid-sized companies is SAP Business One. If you’re wondering how much the popular ERP platform costs and why isn’t there a fixed rate, you need to first understand some of the factors that make up for its price.


What does the Price of SAP B1 Software In India Depend Upon

Total Number of Users

This is pretty straightforward. The more users trying to access the software, the higher the price of SAP B1 software in India. This is due to the fact that for multiple users, companies not only need to keep additional hardware and infrastructure ready but also need to buy the software that number of times. The bigger the organization, the larger its employee base and the higher the cost.


License Type

Apart from the total number of users, the kind of license you opt for will also determine the final amount. SAP Business One comes in a variety of different licenses ranging from Limited to Professional. Every license has a predefined set of features, authorizations, and capabilities. The professional license has all the functionalities and hence costs more, making it important for companies to decide which employees get to enjoy the professional privileges.

The limited license has different subcategories depending on the functions you require. For instance, an accounting firm can just opt for the financial services of SAP B1 and opt out of sales, marketing or anything else. There is also a “lite” version which is a starter package for SAP B1 that can provide access to five users. For companies just starting out or unsure whether ERP system will help them, then this option is worth a try.


Maintenance Costs

Businesses evolve constantly and so do their customers and their needs. It is only natural for the processes you use inside the business to stay updated as well. SAP Business One is a robust ERP system that needs to stay alert to make your business more efficient, reduce errors, and protect from any data breaches or theft.

SAP can release new features and updates every year to keep the software upgraded to ensure high performance. Maintaining the system can cost anywhere from 15% to 22% a year including the upgrades and other services. Keeping the software refreshed will help you in staying in touch with the customers, change market scenarios, and stay prepared for any malicious attacks.

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Implementation Type

SAP Business One is flexible in the way that it can be deployed on physical servers present inside a room or it can be completely hosted on the cloud and can be used on the go whenever required. This flexibility makes it easier for companies to choose the method that best suits their working dynamics as well as their budget.

While an on-premise system can provide a sense of improved security, cloud-hosted solutions aren’t easy to penetrate as well. Further, the price of cloud-hosted SAP B1 software in India is quite low making it the perfect choice for young startups and businesses.



SAP has a treasure trove of add-ons and supplement features that a business can request to be implemented in the current version. It might need minor or major modifications and maintenance outages but it can significantly add to the range of things you can do from the ERP software. There are several consultants who can help in this regard and provide their deep insight.


Consultant’s Fee

Finally, the amount charged by your consultant. The price of SAP B1 software services in India can be charged on a fixed or recurring basis by the consultant after agreement with the organization. Several consultants who provide remote consultation can even offer a free-trial period for you to analyze if they’ll be the right fit for your organization. It is important to go with an experienced and proven SAP B1 partner like Praxis Info Solutions which has years of experience implementing SAP Business One for various companies.

After you’ve analysed the factors in your head and looked at some SAP B1 price lists to have a general idea, you might think the solution is too costly. While the cost can be high on paper, it’s the benefits that the solution provides that make up for the expense. Small businesses can thrive with efficient business management and SAP B1 is the perfect tool to achieve that.