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Top 10 Excellent eSignature Software You Should Know

Paperless is the new trend. As more and more businesses are going paperless, instead, they are electronically sending and signing important documents like contracts with the help of electronic signature software. These software or apps can help you officially sign paperwork digitally while sitting comfortably on your sofa. An electronic signature is your typed, drawn, or digitally signed on a document. With the help of apps or software, you can add one to any document or file. 

Electronic signatures are totally legal, and they use cryptography to protect the document and other details like email address, when and where you sign, and what device you used to do it. This creates a “fingerprint” that makes the document unique and a paper trail that can be verified. So electronic signatures are a lot more secure and legally recognized in the world. 

That being said, this article covers the best electronic signature apps or software where you can digitally create a signature and go paperless! Have a look.


Top 10 Excellent eSignature Software

1. FilesDNA

Let’s start the list with FilesDNA. The brand is known for delivering high-quality free electronic signature software to make online document signing easy and accessible. 

FilesDNA features:

  • Document management 
  • Workflow management
  • Mobile & web app availability
  • Smart e-signature
  • Secured document sharing
  • Blockchain integrity

Apart from that, FilesDNA is backed with machine learning and artificial intelligence to authenticate the signature. Moreover, it has multiple levels of security, which cannot be tampered with easily.


2. PandaDoc

Panda Doc is next on the list, which makes your contract signing workflow easy, even on the free plan. Panda Doc empowers fast-moving teams with the ability to take control of their document process while providing personalized business interaction.

Panda Doc offers fast and dynamic, and you can create stunning proposals, interactive quotes or contracts with their state-of-the-art signature drag and drop editor and one-click uploads. Panda Doc also comes with pre-set templates for on-brand styles, themes, and personalization options.


3. Legalesign

Legalesign is a much better way of e-signing your documents. Similar to other e-signature software, Legalesign is ISO27001 and is certified with Cyber Essentials Certified. In addition, they offer advanced and qualified signatures.

Legalesign offers document tracking, fast signing, online signing, security, and many different types of integrations. It also delivers excellent overall ROI for businesses. For example, with Legalesign, signers get a one-use link, and the signing experience easily guides them through the process.


4. DocuSign

DocuSign has the power to move your business forward securely and reliably. It is easy to use, quick to learn and takes a snap to implement. Also, approvals and agreements are simple and convenient with DocuSign.

DocuSign also offers a mobile application to access, sign, and send important documents from your desk or everywhere in the world. It works perfectly with the services, applications, and devices you already use. It is best for individuals, small and medium businesses, and for enterprises.


5. Adobe

You might have probably heard about Adobe because they have been into PDF for years. Recently, they have started offering e-signature services as well. Adobe’s e-signatures are legal, trusted, and enforceable in every industry.

Besides its incredibly efficient as it allows recipients to e-sign documents saving hours or hard work. Also, with Adobe e-signs, you can literally save money by reducing the amount of paper used.


6. Signable

Similar to other e-signature software, Signable is the same but what makes it stand apart is:

  • It’s easy to understand software
  • Flexible pricing options 
  • Simple mobile-friendly signing, sending, and signed documents on the go
  • Unlimited users on all plans
  • And free API access

Apart from the Signable keeps your document safe and is also easy to use. Moreover, with Signable you get better customer support in case you have any issues. Lastly, it integrates with your favourite apps and streamlines your work.


7. HelloSign

Owned by Dropbox, HelloSign is one of the simplest to use electronic signature software. As you sign in, HelloSign will offer you two options: send or sign something. You can choose one of them or create a template if you want. 

HelloSign has one of the best integrations with cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, and OneDrive. It is also packed with several features and supports custom branding, templates, and even advanced team management.

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8. OneSpan

OneSpan Sign is the most flexible and scalable solution to support all your signing and agreement automation needs. It is easy to use for signers, senders, and even developers. There are many options available from the time a document transaction is sent to your signers until the process gets completed.

It also maintains the signer’s workflow and offers multiple types of identity verification and authentication. Further, the OneSpan sign also provides transaction management and reporting, optimized signing experience, security and more.


9. Eversign

Eversign is a legally binding electronic signature at work, at home, or on the go. In addition, it has the ability to boost your efficiency by automating both internal and client-facing signatures and approvals. 

It also offers high-level security as it is encrypted using 256-bit SSL. Eversign cleverly integrates with applications and services that you or your business are currently using. Additionally, you can use any device to sign any document with Eversign’s mobile app.


10. SignNow

SignNow is the electronic signature software that scales with your workflow. SignNow has all the right features that an electronic signature software should have, like signing documents, you get unlimited templates for different document types. Furthermore, they even have their mobile app so that you can close deals and e-sign documents while in the office or on the go, even without an internet connection. Sounds amazing, right?

SignNow also integrates smoothly with your existing apps. Some of its benefits include:

  • Embedded e-signatures 
  • Boosts team productivity and more

You can also bulk invite to sign and create reusable templates with SignNow. Also, add personalized branding to your docs and send invites via link. In addition, SignNow is backed with advanced threat protection for secure and safe sharing of documents.